When Are We Getting El Final Del Paraiso Season 2 Release Date?

El final del Paraiso is a crime and thriller-based drama series which was created by yesmer Uribe along with Gerardo Perez. The series is actually based on a novel and is also a spin-off for the series sin senos si hai Paraiso. The show has got a huge fanbase though it has received only a 5.4 IMDb rating. the show also received great words regarding the first season whereas the ending episodes of the first season did receive some negative remarks from the critics. the show was surely a success for the makers in terms of the money it made.

The show is mainly based on Catalina Santana who is the new director of the DEA of Colombia and her entire job against protecting the entire country against harmful drugs and great challenges which are thrown at her by her arch enemy yesica Beltran. Throughout the show, Catalina’s family also plays a big part and Catalina also has got to protect them at the end. Now after the end of the first season of the show, the audience has flooded the internet with questions regarding the second season of the show. Fortunately, with season 1 of the show ending at a cliffhanger, we do expect a season 2 of the show and it will be released anytime soon according to our sources.

El Final Del Paraiso Season 2 Release Date

El Final Del Paraiso Season 2 Release Date

 Season 1 of the series has a total of 84 episodes which started airing on the 13th of August 2019 and concluded the season finale on 9th December 2019. After that, the show has been on a long-time break. We have yet not received any official confirmation regarding the renewal of the show for season 2 and looking at all the current sources we predict that season 2 to release in the middle or end of 2022 but it may take more time due to the prevailing of the current pandemic conditions.

Season 2 of the show is also expected to be extraordinarily lengthy just like the first season and each episode will have a predicted run time of nearly 45 minutes. The original broadcast of the show was on Telemundo which has a total of 82 episodes whereas Netflix released the show with a total of 90 episodes along with a completely different ending to the original show.

El Final Del Paraiso Season 1 Release Date13 August 2019
El Final Del Paraiso Season 1 End Date9 December 2019
El Final Del Paraiso Season 2 Release DateNot Confirmed


El Final Del Paraiso Season 1 Recap

The first season of the show is quite a lengthy one and it starts with the basic enmity of Catalina who is the new director of the DEA of Columbia and yesica Beltran. The three daughters of Catalina, Mariana, el titi, and Dayana have associated with her arch enemy and help her with her growing evil ambition. The show continues with the infiltration of yesica into the DEA headquarters with the help of mano Negra and after yesica presents herself under a new identity, she convinces Catalina to work with her. Catalina still doesn’t know what disasters are coming towards her with the 30-year-old enmity that has been rooted between them.

 The story also depicts on the story of the growing danger of the new drug that is being planned to be flooded throughout Colombia by a new set of criminals and Catalina has to deal with it and save the country at the same time. This will lead to a great deal of chaos to arise upon the DEA organizations and will continue with many plot twists and actions on part of Catalina. The show also includes a lot of family drama and the ending of season 1 is very much chaotic for sure.

El Final Del Paraiso Season 2 Story

 As we have already seen in season 1 of the show Catalina has been openly announced as an enemy by Valeria and we also see the ending scene as Mariana asks Catalina, her mother to take care of her baby, for which Catalina asks her to surrender and both are at sniping point. It is predicted that season 2 of the show will continue from that scene only and may end up in the death of any one of them, will most probably be Mariana. We will also get to see a great part is played by alberiro and his delusion towards the truth.

El Final Del Paraiso Season 2 Trailer

El Final Del Paraiso Season 2 Release Date

We haven’t yet received any confirmation regarding the renewal of the show for season 2 and thus we haven’t received a trailer for season 2 yet. Season 1 of the show is currently available on Netflix along with its trailer which is available on YouTube.