Is Fishbowl Wives Based On A Real-Life Story?

Fishbowl wives is a Japanese drama series that is exclusively available on Netflix. The show is directed by Michiko Namiki and aya narakino and is adapted from a manga series named Kingyo tsuma. The show is a fresh release of 2022 and has already gathered a considerable fanbase, it also has received a 6.7 IMDb rating which is considerably great along with quite moderate reviews from critics. The show has a unique storyline that has moved and touched the hearts of many people and is surely worth a watch for all.

The show is actually based on the lives of six women who were residing in a luxury tower end up cheating on their husbands due to relationship complexities and every woman has her own perspective and depicts a beautiful emotional struggle. The entire show is made in Tokyo Japan. Now another question that has come into the minds of our audience is whether the show is based on real-life cases. The series is actually adapted from a graphical novel which was actually an anthology and there is a huge chance that the stories were actually inspired by real-life experiences.

Fishbowl Wives Release Date

Is Fishbowl Wives Based On A Real-Life Story

The show’s first glimpse was received by us from Netflix on January 6th, 2022 and after nearly one month from the trailer, the show airs on Netflix on the 14th of February, 2022. The show has a total of 8 episodes, all of which were released on the same date and are available exclusively on Netflix. There hasn’t been any update regarding the renewal of the series for season 2 but there is a high chance that the series may continue based on new characters or the continuation of the same setting but new twists and turns.

The first season of the show nearly took 8 months to finish the production of the series and each episode from the first season has a runtime of nearly 45 minutes. The most predictable date for season 2 of the show is late 2023 or early 2024 and not earlier than that.


Fishbowl Wives Season 1 Recap

The entire storyline of the series is based on the lives of six women who live in a rich apartment complex and have their own struggles which complicate their married life.

The first story is of Sakura and Takuya, with the first impression it would feel like a completely happy marriage, along with both of them being business partners at the same time. but as the story proceeds, we wind out that Takuya is cheating on her and Sakura knows about it. soon comes the introduction of the fish shop owner Haruto with whom Sakura feels an instant connection. The story soon finds Takuya hitting Sakura and her seeking shelter at Haruto’s place.

 The second story is of Yuka, who is very happily married to her husband and with the growing relationship she wants to have a baby, but soon we find that her husband isn’t ready to take up the responsibilities as a father and thus Yuka ends up seeking a physical relationship from her ex-boyfriend jun.

The third story is quite complicated and based on Noriko and tsuta. Noriko is happily married, whereas tsuta is her junior and a great appreciator of her art, soon tstu gets invited into Noriko’s house where he is dragged into their married life along with sex life. Noriko’s husband is very much fond of watching other men having a sexual relationship with his wife and tstuta soon gets caught up between all this.

The next is the Saya and Sato who live a quietly happy life towards the start of their marriage but after taking the apartment Sato has to work extra hours and it feels like the love is slowly evaporating away. Soon after a great fight with Sato, Saya ends up with a new friend named Takuya.

The story is just based on Hisako and baba who ends up together as Hisako’s husband is away for business and soon their relationship complicates when Hisako’s son gets to know about them.

The last story is of yuriha who was living a happy life with her husband but soon finds that her mother-in-law is moving in with them and her husband is too close to her. She feels suffocated in the house filled with her mother in laws pickiness and soon breaks out with a carpenter renovating their home.

Fishbowl Wives Season 1 Trailer

Is Fishbowl Wives Based On A Real-Life Story

The season 1 trailer of the show is available on YouTube currently while the entire show is exclusively available on the Netflix platform.