10 Best Anime About Studying That You Must Watch!

In recent times, anime is just increasing its popularity among teenagers and young adults. The early successes of Western Anime adaptations such as Astro Boy and Speed Racer show that anime has become commercially successful in Western countries. In the early 1960s, early American adaptations allowed Japan to reach the continental European market through productions filmed for European and Japanese children, such as Heidi and Vicky the Viking, which were broadcast internationally.

The possibility for visceral material is one of the primary features that distinguish anime from a handful of Western cartoons. Once the notion that visual fascination or animation is only for children is dispelled, the viewers will see that subjects such as violence, suffering, sexuality, pain, and death all can be used as storytelling components in anime just as they can in other forms of media. However, as anime gets more popular, its style became the focus of both mockery and serious creative work, with subjects like satire.

Recent popular anime, like Attack on Titan, receives very positive reviews. Episode 13 of Season 3(HERO) of Attack on Titan got a 10 out 10 IMDb rating which is the second Tv shown to achieve that milestone after Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 14(Ozymandias) and the only anime to do that. In the top 10 highest IMDb rated episodes Attack on Titan become the third Tv show who have an episode that got rated more than 9 after Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad.

These are some reasons, why anime is getting much popular, the unique storyline like in Death Note, amazingly displayed life learning lessons like in Naruto. These reasons make the anime market to be a huge competition in the storytelling world in the future.

As anime teaches us something, let us find out the Top 10 Anime about Studying.

The Royal Tutor

10 Best Anime About Studying

The Royal Tutor is a Japanese Anime from 2017. This 12-episode anime was directed by Katsuya Kikuchi based on a Manga from 2013 which was written by Higasa Akai. This anime follows the story where The King invited Heine Wittgenstein, a man who is sometimes mistaken for a tiny kid, to the royal palace of Glanzerich to function as the royal teacher to four young princes – Kai, Bruno, Leonhard, and Licht – in order to make them into capable candidates for the crown. However, he finds his job tough due to his charges’ complicated personalities, which have caused every tutor they’ve had to resign.

Classroom of Elite

10 Best Anime About Studying

Classroom of Elite is a Japanese anime show, which was directed by Seiji Kishi and Hiroyuki Hashimoto and written for television by Aoi Akashiro, aired during the time from July 12, 2017, to September 27, 2017. This anime is based on a manga series written by Shogo Kinugasa, which itself is based on a light Novel by Shogo Kinugasa.

This anime follows the story of a distant future, where the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing School was formed by the Japanese government with the goal of teaching and nurturing the generation of individuals who will support the country in the future. In order to properly simulate actual life, the students are given a lot of freedom. 

Denpa Kyoushi

10 Best Anime About Studying

Denpa Kyoushi or Ultimate Otaku teacher is a Japanese anime series directed by Masato Sato and written by Atsushi Maekawa from 2015. This anime is based on a Manga which was written by Takeshi Azuma in November 2011.

This anime follows the story of Junichiro Kagami, whose sister Suzune is enraged by his complete lack of interest in the actual world, who is the protagonist of the novel. Suzune forces Junichiro to work as a physics teacher substitute at the same high school where, he graduated because he is only interested in anime, comics, and games.



10 Best Anime About Studying

Hyouka is a 2012, mystery thriller anime directed by Yasuhiro Takemoto and written by Shoji Gatoh. This anime is an adaptation of the Manga series from 2012, which was written by Taskohna which itself an adaptation of a Mystery Novel by Honobu Yonezawa published on October 31, 2001.

Hotaro Oreki joins Kamiyama High School’s classic literature club to prevent it from being abolished at the requests of his older sister and is joined by fellow members Eru Chitanda, Satoshi Fukube, and Mayaka Ibara. The story takes place in Kamiyama City, a fictional city in Gifu, which is inspired by the creator’s own hometown, also as Gifu.


10 Best Anime About Studying

Rokudenashi is a Japanese Anime series from April 2017, directed by Minato Kazuto and written by Touko Machida. This anime is based on a Manga series which was written by Taro Hitsuji and Illustrated by Aosa Tsunemi in 2015, which is also an adaptation of a light novel by Taro Hitsuji was published on July 19, 2014.

Sistine Fibel and her closest friend Rumia Tingel are students at a prominent magical academy, where Sistine seeks to learn from the finest in order to solve the mysteries of the enigmatic Sky Castle, as per her grandfather’s last desire. Sistine’s favorite instructor unexpectedly retired, and his replacement, Glenn Radars, is far from what she had hoped for.

Little Witch Academia

10 Best Anime About Studying

Little Witch Academia is a Japanese Anime series directed by Yoh Yoshinari and written for television by Michiru Shimada. The story of Little Witch Academia got adapted in many forms, like 2 anime films from 2013 and 2015, in Manga, and even in a Video Game.

A prominent institution for younger girls interested in becoming witches Atsuko “Akko” Kagari enrolls at Luna Nova Magical Academy to become a witch after being inspired by a witch named Shiny Chariot but suffers due to her non-magical background. When she discovers the shiny rod, a powerful magical relic left behind by her and everything got changes.

My Hero Academia

10 Best Anime About Studying

My Hero Academia is a Japanese Anime series directed by Kenji Nagasaki and Masahiro Mukai and written for television by Yosuke Kuroda. This anime is based on a manga series by Kohei Horikoshi and published by Shuiesha.

My Hero Academia is set in a world where the majority of the human population has obtained the capacity to develop a superpower known as “Quirks” which often appears in children under the age of four and affects about 80% of the world’s population. There are an infinite number of Quirks, and finding two persons with the same power, unless they are related, is exceedingly unusual.


Kare Kano

Kare Kano is a Japanese anime series directed by Hideaki Anno and Hiroku Sato and written for television by Hideaki Anno, Hiroyuki Imaishi, Shiji Saeki, Tatsuo Sato, and Ken Ando. This anime is an adaptation of a manga series from 1996 which was written by Masami Tsuda.

Yukino Miyazawa is a first-year Japanese high school student who is the envy of her classmate due to her excellent marks and impeccable appearance. Her “perfect” exterior, on the other hand, is a selfish act she maintains to gain admiration. She is spoiled, headstrong, and a slop in her own house, where she studies diligently and compulsively to maintain her grades. Soichiro Arima, the lovely young man whose existence considers a threat to be praised, knocks her from her place at the top of the class when she enters high school.


BlackJack is a Japanese anime show directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi and written for television by Jemusu Miki. Hundreds of short, self-contained stories, usually around 20 pages long, make up Black Jack. In addition to an OVA, two television series, and two films, Black Jack has been animated. Following Astro Boy, Black Jack is Tezuka’s most well-known manga. The first Kodansha Manga Award for Shnen was awarded to it in 1977.

The majority of the legends have BlackJack performing a good deed for which he receives little credit – often by freeing the impoverished and penniless or giving the haughty a lesson in humility. They often conclude with a nice, humanitarian individual suffering hardship and, in some cases, death to save others.

Great Teacher Onizuka

Great Teacher Onizuka is a Japanese Anime directed by Hiroshi Akabane with Satoru Nakajima and written for Television by Kazuhiko Yukawa which was released on July 7, 1998, and ended on September 22, 1998. This anime is adapted from a 1997 Manga series which was written by Tooru Fujisawa. Later in 1999, this manga was adapted to live-action films. The popularity of this manga made possible several adaptations for this series. The original manga had sold over 50 million copies and won several awards.

Eikichi Onizuka is a 22-year-old virgin and an ex-gang member. Onizuka meets a girl who agrees to go on a date with him while peeping up girl’s skirts at a local mall for shopping. When her present “lover”, who is her teacher, comes up at the love hotel where they are planning to study and urges her to return to him, Onizuka’s effort to sleep with her fails. She finds out the teacher is old and unattractive, but he has enough power over her to make her leap from a second-story window into his arms.