Is The Curse Based On A True Story?

As the name may suggest, The Curse is a crime drama show. The British series also has layers of comedy. It is broadcast on Channel 4. The Curse has only one season as of now. The first season has a total of 6 episodes. Soon after the release of the first season, news rumors around the show is based on a true story that started spreading like fire. So is the Curse based on a true story? Are there elements of reality that have been used in the series? These are questions that have been keeping viewers engaged.

Is The Curse Based On A True Story?

Is The Curse Based On A True Story?

All though most heist stories are purely a work of fiction. This one has gained some inspiration from real-life incidents. Though there is no singular incident that has inspired the series. However, there are multiple crime incidents that have inspired the story of the series. In particular, according to some popular newspapers, the story shares a lot of similarities with the 1983 Brinks-Mat robbery that happened at a place called Heathrow. Much like in the show, the real-life wasn’t nearly as well planned as it worked out. The gang wanted much less than what it eventually got. Their expected amount of robbers was also much less than what they eventually managed to get.

It seems more like a series of happy coincidences but when visualized in the show, it panned out quite well. The effort of makers shows and the shows managed to garner the interest of its audiences. What the sow does a great job is also the fact that despite being a very imaginative story, the sense of realism is retained.

Amongst the other similarities between the real-life robbery and the show is the fact that both the gangs are closely connected families. Just as depicted in the show, the connections prove to play a major role in the robbery becoming a success. The crime had garnered enough attention back when it occurred. It was perhaps this bustle around the event that inspired the makers into making a crime show out of the incident. Whatever the motivation was, the makers have clearly succeeded in their plan.

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The Curse Release Date

The Curse Season 1 was released on the 6th of February of 2022. The series received mostly positive reviews from both critics and audiences. The series aired on Channel 4 at 10 PM. The other episodes will be released on the channel at regular intervals. Two episodes of the series have already been released on television. The third episode is all set to release on the 26th of Feb 2022. The show has been directed by James De Frond. James is also one of the executive producers of the show. The other executive producers include James De Frond, Tom Davis, Allan Mustafa, Steve Stamp, and Hugo Chegwin.

The Curse Story

Is The Curse Based On A True Story?

The story of The Curse is set in the early 1980s in the city of London. The plotline follows the life of a gang of crooks. The gang consists of hopeless people who as a consequence of their stupidity and lack of good sense get themselves stuck in the middle of a gold heist. The series centers around a couple that runs a cafe. Albert and Natasha are facing trouble because of their bad luck. There seems no way out of their troublesome lives until the couple encounters Natasha’s brother, Sidney. Sidney suggests to the couple what seems like an innocent way of earning money. However, trouble arises when the situation leads them to become a part of the heist.

The Curse Cast

The cast of Channel 4’s The Curse includes Allan Mustafa playing the role of Albert Fantoni, Abraham Popoola playing the role of Joe Boy, Steve Stamp playing the role of Sidney Wilson, Tom Davis playing the role of Big Mick Neville, Hugo Chegwin playing the role of Phil Pocket, Emer Kenny playing the role of Natasha, Natalie Klamar playing the role of Candice, Peter Ferdinando playing the role of Crazy Clive Cornell, Michael Smiley playing the role of Ronnie Gatlin, Geoff Bell playing the role of Detective Saunders and Ambreen Razia playing the role of Detective Thread.

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