Is Ridley Jones Worth Watching?

Animations strike a chord with audiences of all ages. There was a time when the genre was looked down upon for being childish. However, with the growing craze for anime in Japan, animations are now becoming universally accepted. Ridley Jones, the show that was released last year is one such show. It is an adventure fantasy musical comedy. Despite being a preschool animated TV series, it has managed to gain immense popularity. Creator Chris Nee is also the executive producer of the series. It is also available for streaming on Netflix. The series has an IMDb rating of 4.7 on 10.

Ridley Jones Season 4 Release Date

Ridley Jones Season 4 Release Date

Ridley Jones has been co-directed by John Musumeci and Rob Byrne. The animated series premiered on TV on the 13th of July 2021. The makers did not take long for releasing the next seasons. Soon after in the November of the same year, season 2 was released. Followed by the release of season 3 on 15th February 2022. Gauging from the release gap between seasons it can easily be figured that if a season 4 is in the works. It will release sometime super soon this year, itself.

As of now, the makers of the Netflix original have not confirmed the renewal of the series. However, considering the positive response to the series, chances are high that if everything goes well, season 4 will surely release soon. In the past 3 seasons, there are a total of 15 episodes. Each episode of season 3 of the series has a runtime of around 27 to 28 minutes.

Other than Nee, the executive producers of the show include Cathal Gaffney and Darragh O’Connell. The series relies heavily on its brilliant animation by Xentrix Studios. Animators, Francesco Malin, Abhishek Srivastav and Shradha Tripathy have managed to do some fabulous work.

Ridley Jones Season 1 Release DateJuly 13, 2021
Ridley Jones Season 2 Release DateNovember 2, 2021
Ridley Jones Season 3 Release DateFebruary 15, 2022
Ridley Jones Season 4 Release DateNot Confirmed

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Is Ridley Jones Worth Watching?

The premise of Ridley Jones is simple yet intriguing. It revolves around the character of Ridley. Ridley is a six-year-old adventurous girl who lives in a children’s museum. She is a curious kid. Ridley and her group of friends are driven by their desire to protect the National History Treasure Museum. They intend to keep the magical secret safe within the boundaries of the museum.

Six-year-old Ridley cannot protect it all alone. So she forms a group along with her friends to protect the museum. The group comes to be known as ‘Eyes’. The character of Jones is extremely loved by the audience. The young child has a determined and strong personality which inspired kids of the same age.

It was no surprise when Netflix decided to take up the series because it’s an animation. However, Netflix has proved time and again that its belief in the talent and creativity of Nee is substantial. The series truly survives on the goodwill of its makers. Despite being a kid’s oriented series, Netflix chose to show it on the platform. Season 4 will either carry forward the story of the previous seasons or depict a new challenge for Ridley to face. This can only be known when the makers make an official announcement. Netflix has given a rating of 13+ to the series.

Ridley Jones Season 4 Voice Cast

Ridley Jones Season 4 Release Date

The voices behind the characters of Ridley Jones play an important part in making the series successful. The voice actors have lent their voices to different characters. Iara Nemirovsky has lent voice to the character of Ridley Jones, Ezra Menas has lent voice to the character of Fred, Tyler Shamy has lent voice to the character of Dante, Ashlyn Madden has lent voice to the character of Ismat, David Errigo Junior has lent voice to the character of Dudley and Laraine Newman has lent voice to the character of Peaches.

Not just the main character, the supporting roles have also been voiced by talented actors. Blythe Danner has lent voice to the character of Sylvia Jones, Sutton Foster has lent voice to Mama Jones and Mrs Sanchez. Sander Argabrite has lent voice to the character of Pedro, Jane Lynch has lent voice to the character of Lonny and Bob Bergen has lent voice to the character of Mr. Peabody.

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