Devotion A Story Of Love And Desire Season 2 Release Date Updates!

How does it feel when you get cheated in a relationship? Or What will happen when a small misunderstanding or unfaithfulness brings a disaster in anyone’s life? This all is depicted in today’s drama series: Devotion, A Story Of Love And Desire. It is a 2022 Italian romantic drama series that is based on the novel written by Mario Missiroli. The series got directed by Stefano Cipani and Andrea Molaioli. The story revolves around a couple, who have ended their relationship just because of one doubt and unfaithfulness.

Devotion A Story Of Love And Desire Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of the drama series got released on February 14, 2022, on Netflix which consists of a total of six episodes between the period of 30 to 45 minutes. It got 6.5 ratings on IMDb and was liked by 92 % of people. It is clear from the ratings and the reviews that the audience has liked one. Now, after season 1, fans can think about whether there will be a second installment or not. Well, there has not been any news and updates about it, but after watching the reviews, there is a possibility that the series can renew for the second one. Furthermore, the open ending of season 1 suggests that some components need to be completed in the second installment.

Devotion A Story Of Love And Desire Season 1 Release DateFebruary 14, 2022
Devotion A Story Of Love And Desire Season 1 End DateFebruary 14, 2022
Devotion A Story Of Love And Desire Season 2 Release DateNot Confirmed

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Devotion, A Story Of Love And Desire Season 1 Recap

Devotion A Story Of Love And Desire Season 2 Release Date

The season of the story revolves around a couple who are struggling for a better future and happy married life. Carlo is a writer who has written a single book in four years and trying for the second one. He also works as a professor for a writing program in UCM ( University for the Creative Arts in Milan ). His wife, on the other hand, is an architect who wants to be an interior designer but works as a real estate agent to support her husband. On the birthday of Carlo’s mother, his father, who is a surgeon offers the couple a house so that they should have a roof over their heads.

When Margh was with a client ( couple ) during a tour, she found Carlo at the Concordia property, which was her destination. He pretends to be one of her clients. He soon decided to buy that property, even when he knew that he can’t afford it. But, before their happy married life starts, a seed of unfaithfulness nurtures out which affected their relationship. What she got to know is her husband is having an affair with his student and he is cheating on her. But, she is unaware of the actual reality. Sofia Casadei, one of his students when given a topic to write her autobiography, starts suffocating as she was under trauma from her childhood about her mother’s death or suicide. To console her, Carlo rushes behind her to the ladies’ bathroom. She hugged him there in emotions, and while doing so, they were seen by a girl passing by them.

Although, this incident did not get any spark in the university, but influenced their relationship with his partner. She also decided to cheat him with her physiotherapist Andrea. He got arrested for trespassing, and when he asked Margh to get his bail there was confusion in her mind. He also asks him what she was doing in that park wearing a party dress. He got back to Sofia and told his feelings, after knowing that Margh was cheating on him. After Sofia’s beau told the whole incident that Carlo is behind Sofia, he got expelled and started working under Luca, his editor.

Well, after a year, it was all a fresh start, or you can say an unhappy start for both. He got a job offer in Paris and Margh has also opened her studio. He, for the last time, visited her, and it was a question of whether they will reunite or not. The whole act of bold infidelity starts in March and ended up like this.

Devotion, A Story Of Love And Desire Season 2 Cast

Devotion A Story Of Love And Desire Season 2 Release Date

Well, the cast of season 2 has not been decided yet, but the season 1 cast can return once again if the series renew for the second installment. Michele Riondino as seen in the character of Carlo Pentecoste with Lucrezia Guidone seen as Carlo’s wife Margherita “ Margh ” Verna were the main leads in the series along with many other secondary casts including Carolina Sala, Leonardo Pazzagli, and Maria Paiato.

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