Where is Love Is Blind: Japan Filmed?

Are you also a fan of Japanese series and shows? If you are one of them then stay put here because this is an article that is just for you. If you have loved dating reality shows, you should definitely read this and give this show a watch, as you will definitely love it once you watch it. The show is basically based on the concept where young people are put together in a place and they eventually toll with each other to find love and in order to make their love life exciting. All through the show, the basic concept of the show is the talk of the singles who have the urge to find true love which is indeed not very easy to find in this real world.

The couples even plan their wedding, if their love bond seems to become stronger. Somehow the contestants of the show get clear about their bond in a really short span of time. They eventually figure out where their connection is going and accordingly plan out their whole. the journey towards it. The contestants develop this ability to turn a connection that is emotional into a ceremony that is really fast approaching.

Love Is Blind: Japan Release Date

The show apparently aired its first episode in the most recent time only that was on the 8th of February in the year 2022. The show is currently airing on a famous OTT platform that is Netflix and has been shot in various locations, and the show is basically a product of a U.S. company.

Love is blind: Japan is basically shot in Japan and to be very specific the show is shot in the city of Tokyo and also in Yomitan. The first season of the show was apparently done with its shooting roughly around the time before the show was even released. And that leads to the fact that the shooting of the show was completed around the end of 2020 or in the early period of 2021.

The setting of the show was basically very much similar to any of the American-based reality shows. Although the anesthetics and decors of the show add to the Japanese vibe of the show.

There are some of the sequences that are shot outside and it clears leaves no mark in flaunting off the beauty of East Asia, that is the perfect and heart-trenching essence of mountains, the lushful grasslands, and the white sand beaches adds so much to the beauty.


Love Is Blind: Japan Episodes

Where is Love Is Blind: Japan Filmed?

Since the show has made its debut on Netflix, it has gained wide popularity, only with 3 episodes the show has been trending among the fans of dating reality shows.

The cast and contestants stay in a really luxurious villa which is situated in the Yotiman, which is a small village in the Okinawa Prefecture which is situated on the western coast of the island of Okinawa.

This villa is located on a really beautiful sand beach, it’s basically a location where the majority of the filming of the reality shows take place.

Love Is Blind: Japan Cast

The show basically features 15 men and also 15 women, who are on the verge of getting married and are finding their soulmates for the same. The basic concept of the show says this only, so all in all it’s a typical reality show which shows the aspects of dating and moving towards the phase of getting married.