Is Tall Girl Based On True Events?

Tall Girl is an American Teenage comedy-drama movie of 2019, that was directed by Nzingha Stewart, which was her debut film as a film director, and she did a fine job. Jodi Kreyman is a shy high school student who still struggles with the fact that she is taller than most people in her class. Her best friends Fareeda and Jack Dunkleman help her get through life. In spite of Jodi’s skepticism, things start looking up for Jodi when Swedish exchange student Stig Mohlin enters the picture. Meanwhile, Jodi’s older sister Harper – Who has been on several beauty pageants – discourages Jodi from dating overseas.

Netflix announced its fourth collaboration with McG of Wonderland Sound and Vision on the film Tall Girl, to be directed by Nzingha Stewart. The story of this film was written by Sam Wolfson for Netflix. This movie got released on 13th September 2019 and it is 1 hr and 40 minutes long.

Is Tall Girl Based On True Events?

Is Tall Girl Based On True Events?

The story which was written by Sam Wolfson told us this is not based on any truthful event. The movie’s theme maybe resonated with those who have battled issues related to body image and discrimination against height. However, the director stressed that the movie was all about overcoming your insecurities. It attempts to teach that the aspect you are afraid to show to the world may be what makes you special.

He has worked on a number of movies, including ‘How to Get Away with a murder’, and ‘Pretty Little Liars’. Stewart is also a frequent collaboration of Shonda Rhimes on TV shows. Unfortunately, the movie faced some backlash on Twitter soon after its release. Some users thought the racial and social issues addressed in the movie were trivial matters. People in the following days continued to make fun of the movie’s concerns. During this time, Kyle Alex Brett, a legal counsel for independent films at Netflix, stepped up to play the mediator. Brett shared his solidarity with Stewart on Twitter. In an industry where people of color are severely underrepresented, Stewart’s debut as a director was a win for many.

African – American Nzingha Stewart brought over her Moroccan husband during the filming. Talking about how Kyle’s stand changed people’s minds about the movie, Stewart said, “Maybe it seemed ridiculous to have a movie about a tall girl. That’s not really oppression.


Tall Girl Story

Is Tall Girl Based On True Events

In contrast, Jodi’s older sister Harper is of average height and has won multiple beauty pageants, which makes Jodi feel insecure. She was having been tall for age since she was three, which has made her feel insecure her entire life. Students have constantly asked Jodi, “How’s the weather up there?” She feels reluctant to go out with Jack Dunkleman, a lifelong friend, in part because he is much shorter than her.

Stig Mohlin, a foreign exchange student from Sweden, enrolls in Jodi’s class. She is immediately interested, along with other girls in her class. However, her bully Kimmy Stitcher shows him around. Dunkleman becomes upset to learn that Stig will be staying at his house. Jodi asks Harper and their mother for help attracting Stig’s attention. Harper and their mother help her transform herself into Stig’s ideal image.

Jodi is pranked by Kimmy and Schnipper who pretend to be Stig and ask her homecoming. Much to Fareeda’s disappointment to avoid Kimmy. When she stumbles across Stig playing the piano, she is encouraged to play and the pair sings. “I’ve Never Been in Love Before” from Guys and Dolls.

Jodi finds that her father has arranged a Tip Toppers (tall people club) chapter meeting at her home, which upsets her. Stig calls, and at first, thinking it is a prank call, she yells at him, but he invites her to a musical. She goes to Dunkleman’s house to see stig, and he becomes jealous when he realizes that she is there to see him. As he interrupts their evening, Stig and Jodi kiss as he escorts her home. Later, feeling guilty, Stig seeks Dunkleman’s advice, and he recommends concentrating on Kimmy. Jodi becomes angry at Dunkleman when she finds out this advice.


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