Himouto Umaru Chan Season 3 Release Date And Every Update!

Are you also someone who loves to read manga? And well that eventually leads you to love anime. So, this article is for all manga and anime addicts, so today we will be talking about Himouto Umaru Chan, so Himouto Umaru Chan is basically a really popular Manga series, the series is written by Sankaku Head and also the illustration of the same is done by him. The serialization of the same started in the year 2013 in the month of March. The series is indeed collected in twelve tankōbon volumes. A version was released after every two chapters which was the alternative. This was released in Shueisha’s monthly magazine, named Miracle Jump in the year 2012.

Himouto Umaru Chan Season 3 Release Date

Himouto Umaru Chan Season 3 Release Date

The anime version of the show was released around the year 2015, on Tokyo MX and soon after the conclusion of the first season, the second season was also announced, as the fan base of the show grew quite large and the show was loved by the audience. The next season which was supposed to be the second season of the show was released in the year 2017, the series started to air in the month of October and it was finally concluded in the month of December. There was also a sequel series which was also released in the month of November in the year 2017.

After the first two successful seasons of the anime series, the fans of this series have been curious about the fact that will there be a third season of the show? So the bad and unfortunate news is there for the fans of Himouto Umaru Chan, is that No, there will not be any further continuation of the show. As the magazine itself was done after the second series of it, it was indeed a great delight to the fans. Although according to according the latest rumors the author of the series is in a spin-off, so this eventually ignites a fire of hope that there might be another season that is the third season of the show.

Himouto Umaru Chan Season 1 Release DateJuly 9, 2015
Himouto Umaru Chan Season 2 Release DateOctober 8, 2017
Himouto Umaru Chan Season 3 Release DateNot Announced


Himouto Umaru Chan Season 3 Story

The plot of the show basically revolves around Umaru Doma, she is shown as someone who is a high school-going girl, she lives with her brother who is older than her. The name of her brother is Taihei.

Umaru is shown as a student who is really good at her studies, she is someone who is an ideal student, she has everything which everyone, she is good at studies and also she has looks to die for and she is also gifted with so many talents. Later in the show, it is shown that she gets transformed into a kid-sized layout, she is mostly shown spending her time at home with her video games and she is also someone who is addicted to food.

In the whole series, she is shown to use her alternative powers in order to make friends, and on the other hand, she is shown as someone who is throwing tantrums towards her Brother for not buying the things which she wants.

Himouto Umaru Chan Season 3 Characters

Himouto Umaru Chan Season 3 Release Date

The characters of the show are, Umaru Doma, she is basically a high school going girl, she is also very talented and she is really good at studies also, she is basically an expert in everything. She has an alternative personality which she uses in order to make friends with other people. Taihei Doma is the older brother of Umaru, He is working at the company. Kirie Motoba is shown as the classmate of Umaru, she is shown as a character who has really scary eyes. Although she is someone who has a great admiration towards Umaru. Takeshi Motoba is Taihei’s s childhood friend, he and Taihei have been friends since they were in High School.

Manager Kanau is the character who is the boss of Taihei, Alex. She is also someone who has been with Taihei since High School. She is indeed shown as someone who is quite literally fond of Taihei. Alex Tachibana is a colleague of Taihei, he is also someone who works with him in his department. He is someone who is half German and he also has his relatives in Europe.