Is Grand Blue Season 2 Release Date Arriving?

Another article for manga fans is here, if you are a fan of Manga series and also Japanese anime, this is your stop, as we are going to talk about one of the most popular anime series today. This is yet another worth-a-watch series. So many of you must have been aware of this show, so the series we are talking about today is Grand Blue, which apparently is known as Grand Blue Dreaming if we mention it in English.

The writer of the show is Kenji Inoue, and the person responsible for the illustration of the same is Kimitake Yoshioka. The series has also been one of the shows that have been a part of Kodansha’s manga magazine. Isn’t that one of the reasons that make you want to watch it. From the year 2014 in April till the year 2021 in the month of September, it has collected around 17 tankōbon volumes of its kind.

The digital production of this manga series has been released in English and it has been released by Kodansha USA under the press of Kodansha Comics Imprint.

Grand Blue Season 2 Release Date

Grand Blue Season 2 Release Date

The manga series was soon adapted into an anime television series after its success, the show was adapted from Zero-G which apparently aired in the year 2018 from July to the month of September under the program of Animeism program block which was on MBS. The movie adaptation of the same was apparently released in the year 2020 in the month of August.

Grand Blue Season 2 is not confirmed yet and hence, the release date is not fixed.

Grand Blue Season 1 Release DateJuly 14, 2018
Grand Blue Season 1 End DateSeptember 29, 2018
Grand Blue Season 2 Release DateNot Confirmed


Grand Blue Season 2 Story

Now we will come to the soil of the series that is its plot, so the plot of the series revolves around a character named Iori Kitahara, who is indeed looking very keenly towards the life that is upcoming that is towards the future. He is indeed very curious about the upcoming events. The life which is coming and will be there on the Izu Peninsula, as he is going to start his college life over there, he currently stays in a room that is just above the diving shop of his uncle which is named as “Grand Blue”.

Further in the story, we see that he is really shocked when he comes across a group of men who are indeed falling in the category of buff men, who do nothing and waste a lot of time in useless activities like drinking, partying and also instead of diving actually they waste their time stripping themselves naked.

Iori doesn’t want to be a part of their group like not in any way and any sense, he tries hard to distance himself from this group but somehow he gets tempted and lured and is eventually swept into their group, while on the other hand Lori’s cousins try to open his eyes and try really hard the wonders of diving into the sea and also into the ocean.

Grand Blue Season 2 Characters

Now we come to the cast of the show, so will start off with the main character that is Iori Kithara, whose voice is played by Yūma Uchida. He is shown as a student of Mechanical engineering, in a university situated in the Izu Peninsula, who falls into the trap of Buff men and their group though he tries hard to distance himself from them.

Another we have is Chisa Kotegawa whose voice is played by Chika Anzai, he is seen in the show in the character of Ioris classmate who studies with him in the same university. She is a really attractive girl who had a really deep passion for diving. The next we have is Nanaka Koregawa whose background voice is played by Maaya Uchida, she is a character who is a driving instructor, and she is a keen observer of the antics of the diving club. Then further we have Kōhei Imamura, whose background voice is backed by Ryōhei Kimura, it is a character who indeed is in the role of Iori’s best friends their bond is a bitter-sweet bond as which is shown in the show.

All in the series is a must-watch, and we have covered almost all the aspects of the series we sincerely hope that this article would be of great help to you, keep binge-watching.