When Are We Getting Free Rein Season 4 Release Date?

Free rein season 4 is a British television series belonging to the drama genre. The show has already released 3 successful seasons and has been on a break since the pandemic began. The show has got quite a huge fanbase and the IMDB rating of the show is 7.3 which is quite great, the show also has received some mixed reactions from the side of the critics. Altogether the storyline of the show is a bit different and is surely worth a watch.

The story revolves around a 15-year-old girl who travels to her grandfather’s home on a fictional island and there she encounters the town where her mom grew up, she makes new friends and one of them is a wild horse named raven and with that, she gets new energy in herself to deal with all her life problems along with more drama than we can get from a teenager’s life. After the third season of the show which was left without ending the storyline, fans are anticipating the release of the fourth season of the show.

Though the fourth season of the show hasn’t been officially canceled but can be assumed abandoned based on the time gap we have already received, still, there are chances for the makers to get back to the storyline and continue the beautiful show and bring put an end to the rumors roaming all over social media.

Free Rein Season 4 Release Date

Free Rein Season 4 Release Date

The first season of the show was premiered in the year 2017 followed by the second season of the show which aired in the year 2018 along with the third season of the show which aired in 2019. The show came to an abrupt end in the year 2019 after which there have been no updates regarding season 4. The show also gave us two additional specials between the second and the third season. All the seasons have a total of 10 episodes and thus the fourth season of the show is also predicted to have a total of 10 episodes.

Though there are no updates regarding the season 4 release date, which was delayed mainly because of the pandemic situation at first. The show would take a time period of nearly 1 year to produce and thus we can expect a release date in 2023 if the makers start working on season 4 of the show in 2022.

Free Rein Season 1 Release Date23 June 2017
Free Rein Season 2 Release Date6 July 2018
Free Rein Season 3 Release Date6 July 2019
Free Rein Season 4 Release DateNot Announced


Free Rein Season 3 Recap

Season 3 of the show is full of drama, we see the entry of Aaron, Zoe’s cousin from Los Angeles, we see an open day celebration being set up for the new mayor Clarrie’s arrival, however, leaves the gate open which leads to the horses creating a stampede, we also see Clarissa’s daughter getting hurt while she tries to ride a horse and thus Claire wants the horse captured.  On the journey to capture the horse, we see Mia getting thrown off a horse and developing PTSD when around horses, with these we also Becky starting the breakfast club along with Susie starting an internship at the council office and she warns every rider regarding Claire.

We also see a lot of chaos regarding the trainer’s exam along with a tea party hosted by the club for the mayor but Zoe ends up messing it up when she accidentally splashes cream on the mayor’s face. Towards the end of the season, we see raven and ariel having a baby foal who is named scout, we also see a lot of social media drama where clarie becomes the villain and Becky is successful in saving the horses. We also see a lot of mystery regarding the poising of the horses which soon turns out to be lead poisoning which is found out by jade and Becky.

Free Rein Season 4 Story

As we had already seen in the season 3 finale that Zoe had moved to Florida, Becky is getting a medal along with jade receiving an honorary letter and Gaby gets a spot on the team, we also see Gaby calling Zoe to come back and the story will continue with more drama of Zoe may be returning to the island and having some more fun with the horses and bringing the storyline to a proper end.

Free Rein Season 4 Trailer

Free Rein Season 4 Release Date

We haven’t received any announcement regarding the release of season 4  of the show and thus we also haven’t received a trailer for season 4 yet. The previous season of the series is available on Netflix along with the previous season trailers available on YouTube.