Hataraku Mau Sama Season 2 Release Date Finally Confirmed!


Have you ever wondered how our ancestors lived? I have watched dramas and historical movies, where people wore traditional costumes and there were mountains and trees than buildings. At least once in our life, we must have thought about time-traveling to those times. But what if ancestors were time-traveled to our time? Do you think they will be able to survive in our world? Well, Hataraku Mau Sama will give us an idea about that. Hataraku Mau Sama(The Devil is a Part-Timer) is an anime television series inspired by the light novel ‘Hataraku Mau Sama.’

The novel is written by Satoshi Wagahara and has 27 volumes. The anime series is written by Masahiro Yokotani and directed by Naoto Hosoda. It has a total of 13 episodes(Season 1). The story revolves around the demon lord, Satan, who tried to conquer the world of Ente Isla and get defeated by Emilia(hero), during the fight he gets transported to modern-day Tokyo. In order to survive there, he takes up a part-time job at MgRonald’s. Throughout the series, they show how Satan survives in the modern world without his magical powers. Two manga series were also made and published by ASCII Media Works

Hataraku Mau Sama Season 2 Release Date

The first season of Hataraku Mau Sama literally conquered the hearts of anime lovers. It was a roller coaster ride even from the beginning of the series. The first episode of the series was released on April 4, 2013, and the final episode was released on June 27, 2013. This kinda broke the audience’s heart. Season 1 of the series has left a lot for season2. Like, till the end we don’t know whether Satan, Emila, and others return to their world. Though satan killed Sariel, there is a chance of him creating more problems.

Most importantly, now that Emili and satan are no longer enemies, who would he end up with? Emilia or Chiho? Well, to answer all of our questions they are coming back with a bang. Yeah, you heard it right. After eight years, the anime series is back with season 2. The creators have made an official announcement that Season 2 of Hataraku Mau Sama will be released in July 2022. The series will continue from volume 3 of the manga. Though we haven’t heard any news after the announcement we can still wait for season 2 with hope. 

Hataraku Mau Sama Season 2 Release DateApril 4, 2013
Hataraku Mau Sama Season 2 End DateJune 27, 2013
Hataraku Mau Sama Season 2 Release DateBy July 2022


Hataraku Mau Sama Season 1 Recap

Hataraku Mau Sama Season 2 Release Date

The story begins with the Demon Lord, Satan trying to conquer the world, Ente Isle. He starts a war but he gets defeated by the Hero Emilia and her companions. In the process, he and his general Alceil get transported through the gateway and enter the modern world in the Sasazuka region, Japan. Soon they realize that they are on the earth where humans who are entirely different from them exist.

They also figure out that their magical power won’t work here and they should change their form into a human in order to survive here. Satan vows that soon he will get back to Ente isle and get revenge on Emilia. He survives in this world as Sadou Maou and works at McDonald’s as a part-timer to earn money. Alceil renames himself Shiro Ashiya and serves as a horseman. Meanwhile, Emilia tracks down the Demon Lord Satan and transports herself to earth as well.

Though they are enemies in the other world, on earth they behave like commoners but are still cautious about each other. Unfortunately, in no time people from the other world travels to earth and create confusion in both worlds. To be more precise all of them are here to kill Sadou. Meanwhile, Sadou completely changes after living on earth, like he has stopped being a villain and his likeness towards humans has grown. Also, Chiho from his workplace knows everything about him but still loves him. But things become messier when the enemies from the other side abduct Chiho to capture Sadou. The main villain Sariel also kidnaps Emilia to get her powerful sword. Fortunately, Sadou fights with Sariel and saves both of them(Emilia and Chiho). This brings us to the end of season 1. 

Hataraku Mau Sama Season 2 Characters

Hataraku Mau Sama Season 2 Release Date

Satan Jacob/Sadao Maou(the Demon Lord from Ente Isla), Emilia Justina/Emi Yusa(the hero who defeated Satan),  Alciel/Shirō Ashiya(one of Satan’s Generals, who was also transported with Satan), Chiho Sasaki(a high school student who is Sadao’s co-worker and has a crush on Satan),  Lucifer/Hanzō Urushihara(Satan’s general), Sariel/Mitsuki Sarue(devil who attacks Satan and Emilia.