Why Is Absurd Planet Season 2 Release Date Not Arriving?

Absurd Planet is a nature documentary web and television show on Netflix that was created by Conde Nast Entertainment and Love productions in the USA. This series focuses on plants and animals who have absurd nature. Absurd Planet is not the only nature documentary on Netflix. The streaming giant has plenty of good nature documentaries like Seaspiracy, this documentary follows the life of sea creatures and our impact on their lives. This documentary includes topics like plastic marine debris, ghosts’ nets, and overfishing around the world. It also criticizes the work done by several organizations which try to reduce plastic usage in the general household.

There is another good documentary available on Netflix, Untamed Romania, directed by Tom Barton Humphreys, this documentary provides an inside and detailed sight of the stunning nature of Romania, like The Carpathian Mountains, The Danube Delta, and Transylvania as their major area of interest to show. So, Netflix got much better quality on documentaries on Nature than any other streaming platform. They also got Our Planet, which is the highest IMDb-rated documentary on the platform.

Absurd Planet is not a bad but not as good nature documentary, IMDb rated the show 4 out of 10 which makes it’s below average web documentary. As of now, Absurd Planet got only one season which has 12 episodes and each episode is 20 minutes long and follows a different nature in different episodes. The first season of this documentary was released on April 22, 2020.

Absurd Planet Season 2 Release Date

Absurd Planet season 2 Release Date

As mentioned above, this nature documentary series got bad reception from critics and the general audience. This is the reason why the series got canceled by Netflix.

Yes, this series got canceled and not going to renew for another season. Critics criticize the show because of its silly plot however, the visuals are good. The idea of this series shows us and teaches us the weirdest thing about this planet and its creatures.

The production value of the show is fairly decent and the photography they use might not be the same level as other BBC and Netflix documentaries but it’s not bad either, even pretty amazing. But the concept and show pace of the show makes it lose their grip on the audiences, this is the reason why Netflix has decided to end the show.

So, that’s all the news we have got, for now, however, the show got canceled, but still, anything can happen, so, if we get any information related to the show’s future, we will make sure to update this article with the latest news.

Absurd Planet Season 1 Release Date22 April 2020
Absurd Planet Season 1 End Date22 April 2020
Absurd Planet Season 2 Release DateCanceled

Absurd Planet Season 2 Story

Absurd Planet Season 2 Release Date

They show some cheesy stop-action footage of dinosaurs fighting and black and white footage of fleas riding tiny bikes during some of the scenes featuring these majestic creatures. It is then when the ominous voice says, “let’s give it up for Mother Nature! That you realize Absurd Planet (or as it appears in the promotion material, Absurd Planet) isn’t your typical dead serious nature show. Its quackery shows some of the planet’s strangest creatures, narrated by none other than Mother Nature (Afi Ekulona).

In one segment, a mole is made into a lawyer who can “sense justice” with his super-sensitive nose. A marabou stroke is given a nebbish attitude who says “neck sacks are the next thing”. The dung beetles are given their Beatles like the song, “Dung beetles live for poo.”

Absurd Planet Season 2 Characters

Afi Ekulona as Mother Nature, Ashlee Willis as herself, Paul Raff as himself, Christopher Zane Gordon as himself, Alfonso Lopez as himself for all 12 episodes, Shalla Yudelevich as herself for the first 5 episodes, Steven Marmalstein as himself also as associate producer for 12 episodes, Thomas Mitchell as himself, Jeff Wild as himself also as consulting producers, Colee Whitacre as herself for 8 episodes, Daniel Brown as himself for 3 episodes.