10 Best Shows Like Queer Eye That You Must Watch!

Queer Eye is an American reality show which was released on 7th February 2018. The series in total had 8 seasons and in total have 58 episodes. But in addition, the series also released 2 special episodes and one more season which was named We Are in Japan. The series focuses on appreciating the world and helping people to make their lives better. The show Featured Food and Wine expert from the US which is introduced by Antoni Janusz Porowski. He is a TV actor, Chef as well as Author. Then next they introduced Fashion Expert which is Tan France. Tan is a British American fashion expert as well as an author. So, in total, the series introduced Fab Five in the series. And the series is a reboot of the Eponymous Series which was originally released on Brave which is also an American Basic Cable Channel.  

The show focuses on the social and Society needs in the series where all the five fab people find the people who make runs from the people and they help them to grow and grow and explore with themselves. All the 5 fab helps those types of people the Show had focused on the LGBT community as one of the Fab five also belongs to Gay Community. The series was released on Netflix as Netflix bought the distribution rights for the series and broadcasted all 8 seasons with a TV maturity of Tv-14.   

Tidying Up With Marie Kondo   

Shows Like Queer Eye

Tidying up with Marie Kondo is also a Successful series for social cause which was released on Netflix on 1st January 2019. All the 8 episodes for Season 1 were released on the same date with Netflix. The series exploded with the concept of making home a real home where Kondo visits the House of the people of the US. She came up with the concept wherein she will ask families to put together 5 different sections of their house and then gather them one by one.

This concept helps the audience to get the concept of cleanliness and Environment-friendly changes in the house. The series holds 6,7 stars out of 10 against 3.5k voters on the official website of IMDB. Whereas on Rotten Tomatoes which is also a Review platform had received an 81 % Tomatometer which is a good sign for the viewers as it is a signal for a recommendation for the fans to watch the series.   

Next In Fashion  

Shows Like Queer Eye

Next in Fashion is one of the best reality shows on Netflix which was released on 29th January 2020. The series was released with 1 season of 10 episodes on Netflix and was renewed for another season as well due to a huge response from fashion bloggers all around the world.

As the series is all based out on the Fashion Industry the two Judges Tan France and Alexa Chug were there in the season of the series. And the series was based on the knock-out method wherein the winner will receive the amount of $ 2,50,00 and a debut on collection on luxury Retail Store Net-a-Porter. The series was the first canceled by Netflix Official Handle But was later posted for their official Renewal of season 2 on the Instagram handle of The Series.   


What Not to Wear   

Shows Like Queer Eye

What not to wear is also one of the best Reality which was released on 18th January 2003 and the series had aired 10 seasons for the complete series. The series in total had 345 episodes and had been Hosted by Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. The show is based on the Makeover reality show wherein the candidates have been chosen by their co-workers, friends, relatives, and colleagues or they self-volunteer themselves in for the makeover and the filming themselves.

So, the show focuses on the dressing sense and makeup for men and women as well in the starting but later it switched to women only as it helped the creators to gain huge fan followings, the series proved to be a great success for the creator as the series was revived by TLC for the last season.   

Nate & Jeremiah by Design   

Nate & Jeremiah by design is also one of the best reality shows which help couples to set their boundaries always. The Series was released by 3 seasons on 8th April 2017 on HGTV. The series portrays Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent both of them are well-renowned interior designers from America. The series also pictured themselves fighting for their interiors and raising their child with all the budget and planning. They helped the homeowners and Renovators to design the house in the budgeted and cost-cutting method.   

The Great British Bake Off   

Shows Like Queer Eye

The Great British Bake Off is one of the best British television series. The series aired its very first episode on 17th August 2010 the complete series is based on a baking competition between some amateur bakers who compete with each other to gain recognition from the panel of Judges the series was launched with the concept of knock out method where one member will be eliminated after each round. The series was aired on the first four series were aired on BBC 2 then as the series gained its popularity the creators made their official deal for 3 years to BBC 1 for another series. The series turned out to be a great success for the creators and it aired 12 series with 114 episodes. 


Nailed It!  

Shows Like Queer Eye

Nailed It is an American Reality Show. It is an original Netflix series that is also based on the concept of the bakery. In this particular series, the competition was simple was clear the winner will win Nailed It Trophy and $ 10,000 cash. In the complete series, the amateur baker tries to bake the cakes that they see on the Internet they have the timeline to bake the cake in 35 minutes only.

The series received a critical response from the viewers and the series got renewed for 6 seasons back-to-back and has been also nominated for different awards. The series managed to earn 3 times Primetime Emmy Awards and twice the Outstanding Competition Program.   

Dream Home Makeover   

Dream Home Makeover is also a television reality show. The show was released on Netflix containing 2 seasons the very first season was aired on 16th October 2020 and the second season was aired on 1st January 2021. The show featured the personal life of Syd McGee who is a dream chaser for many. He helps the families to get their homes renovated and he helped the families get their homes tailored as per budget with minimal cost the series revolved around the life and helping hand McGee who raised his two daughters and build his own dream home.   

Project Runway   

Shows Like Queer Eye

Project Runway is also one of the best reality American television reality shows. The show aired in a total of 19 episodes on different platforms with different phases of time and availability the show is now available on Amazon Videos as well. The very first episode of 1st season was aired on 1st December 2004. The show was released with a focus on the fashion sense and industry and being judged by the panel of judges.

The concept comes up with 12 or more fashion designers who compete with each other to get the best product manufactured in front of the judges with minimal time and the method of knock out followed in the series wherein the last 3 or 4 contestants compete for New York Fashion Week with their collections. The show focused on the fashion industry and has aired its last set of episodes on 27th February 2020.



Chopped is also an American television reality show which aired on Food Network every Tuesday. The show focused on the competition between 4 skilled chefs who fought against each other for $ 10,000. The competition was not against money it was about the right number of spices within a limited period. The shoe aired more than 650 episodes out of which 40 episodes aired as special episodes.

The chefs were being judged by the panel of judges who help and praise them sometimes as well. The very first episode was premiered on 13th January 2009 and it is still broadcasting on the channel. The show turned out to be a huge success for the creator as it has already completed 50 seasons of success and is still running successfully running among the viewers.   

Selling Sunset   

Selling Sunset is yet another successful American reality television series. The series was created by Adam DiVello for Netflix. The story focuses on the Real Estate Brokerage Firm in Los Angeles. It Portrayed the lives of all the agents with their personal and professional life wherein the agents perform various activities to survive their day.

The series was released originally on Netflix with 4 seasons and has planned to release other sequels for the same with another place and name. The first episode for the series was released on 21st March 2019 whereas the last episode for the 4th season was aired on 11th March 2021 and has renewed the series for the 5th season as well. On another hand, the creator has launched Selling Tampa which is also part of this show.