Is The Act A True Story? Know Here!

The Act is a fictional version of the real story based on the strange case of Claudine “Dee Dee” Blanchard and her daughter Gypsy Rose. This true story went viral in the 2016 BuzzFeed story. This case was also highlighted in the 2017 HBO documentary. Dee Dee is a doting single mother and Gypsy is her daughter. The mother always kept telling her daughter that he is chronically ill. The issues started when she was a baby. Dee Dee was found dead in 2015 and Gypsy was missing. Dee Dee has also worked ad a nurse. She knew how to convey illness about her daughter.

Obsession of Dee Dee

Is The Act A True Story?

Dee Dee had a hard relationship with her mother. Her mother was controlling and overbearing towards her. This is the problem Dee Dee becomes over possessive for her daughter. The daughter learns about that while growing up. Dee Dee was arrested and imprisoned due to a bad check. After she was freed she was once again united with her daughter Gypsy.

After this, she kept telling more and more illness about her daughter. She had a strained relationship due to which she takes away. Dee appears to be ready to persuade individuals regarding Gypsy’s numerous diseases just by talking with a definitive tone to outsiders and specialists. Vagabond’s wiped-out appearance additionally goes quite far in preventing any meddlesome inquiries from inquisitive spectators.

Such cases hounded Gypsy’s reality, as well. Dee’s rundown of her girl’s conclusions appeared to be perpetual and included epilepsy, rest apnea, eye issues, strong dystrophy, and chromosomal imperfections, as per BuzzFeed. Dee asserted Gypsy had leukemia when she was youthful and that she’d had medical conditions since she was a child.

Wanderer told BuzzFeed that Dee likewise kept up with that Gypsy had malignant growth and that she was told her medicine was for disease. While staying with Gypsy, The protagonist becomes close with their neighbors Mel and her daughter Lacey. The real-life neighbors were Amy Pinegar and her daughter Aleah Woodmansee. The revelation hit the neighbors very hard and they were shocked to know that Gypsy was fine and healthy. The neighbors started to think that whether they know this person or not.


Role of Doctors

Gypsy was taken by the protagonist for several checkups and every time the test was negative and nothing was found. Many doctors never checked her medical history as they were convinced with Dee Dee. Doctors performed medical procedures based on that. One of the doctors became curious about the illness stated by Dee Dee about Gypsy. Dee Dee stopped taking Gypsy to that particular doctor. The doctor later tried to see the medical records of Gypsy and tried to bring the truth. Dee Dee managed to ruin those records so that the doctor will not be able to find the truth.

Gypsy’s Father

Is The Act A True Story?

Gypsy has her father Rod Blanchard who is an absent dad. Her mother made her believe that her father is a deadbeat. He tried to stay in touch with his daughter. Rod claimed that Dee Dee was adding more and more medical problems to Gypsy. Her father remarried and had two children. He tried to stay in touch till Gypsy was 10. Then the mother shifted to another place with her daughter. He lost touch with his daughter. The mother kept telling me that her husband is a drug addict. He abandoned Gypsy. Rod was still sending child support every month. Rod was still away as her mother had high control over her daughter.

Gypsy kills Dee Dee

Mel attempts to break into Dee and Gypsy’s home to check whether she can find a few solutions following a dubious online media post. In actuality, another neighbor, David Blanchard, moved in through a window to discover what had happened. Dee Blanchard’s body was found on June 14, 2015, by sheriff’s delegates at her home in Springfield, Missouri. She had been dead a couple of days when police observed her body.

Gypsy, who depended on a few drugs and a wheelchair to get around, had vanished. On a tip from Woodmansee, who was companions with Gypsy, police followed her area to a house in Wisconsin, where Gypsy was found, safe and solid, with her sweetheart, Nick Godejohn. Observing Gypsy ignited the revelation of considerably more vile data: She was, indeed, solid, ready to walk, and coming up short on any of the clinical issues her mom asserted kept her from having a typical life.