Is Wild Wild Country Inspired By A True Event?

Wild Wild Country is indeed a Netflix new documentary more about notorious Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh commonly known as Osho. His one-time confidential helper Ma Anand Sheela, and the Rajneeshpuram society in Wasco County, Oregon, and their society of devotees. After screening at the Sundance Film Festival, it was published on Netflix on March 16, 2018. The show title is derived from the Bill Callahan song “Drover,” which appears significantly in the season finale. 

Many people questioned the veracity of Netflix’s new true-crime drama Wild Wild Country because it is so outrageous. The legend of Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and his hundreds or thousands of red-clad disciples is accurate. In 1981, Bhagwan, later identified as Osho, and his followers relocated from Prune, India, to Antelope, Oregon, and was on the verge of becoming a barren wasteland.

Although the documentary may leave audiences with more questions unanswered, including whether the claim of combining ill badgers and dumping them into the water supply is accurate, audiences have found Wild Wild Country to be a good talking point since its premiere last month.

Is Wild Wild Country Inspired By A True Event?

Is Wild Wild Country Inspired By A True Event?

Bhagwan and “sannyasins,” or followers in Sanskrit, proposed to construct an ideal metropolis that could accommodate millions of citizens. They also sought to take over all the administration of Antelope, which they did. As Bhagwan and his top apostles fought for control, their vision of harmony and sexual freedom was shattered. Ma Anand Sheela is one of the show’s most compelling characters. She was Bhagwan’s assistant, and after he adopted a solemn oath, she talked for him. She assisted in the transformation of a 64,000-acre property in Antelope into a city equipped with eateries, banks, shops, its very own water system, hotel, and airline landing strip. Sheela got corrupted by power and was convicted of manslaughter, eavesdropping, putting dozens of people in danger, and a slew of other offenses.


Sheela entered a guilty plea in 1984 to complicity, premeditated homicide, and other crimes related to the Salmonella poisoning of 750 Oregonians. She completed 29 months of her 20-year term in imprisonment. Sheela drugged a number of people, including Satya Franklin. She alleged the attack happened in Prune, India, even before sannyasins relocated to Oregon, and that she reported a hurting neck at the time.

Wild Wild Country Story

Is Wild Wild Country Inspired By A True Event?

Osho’s disciples practice a fluid style of mindfulness and talk about capitalism, morality, and sensuality. As more Westerners go to India to join the cause, the organization resolves to establish a communal, but they face democratic opponents in India. The group concludes that the United States is the greatest place for them all to live their style of living when a westerner discusses the United States Constitution with them. Sheela, who encountered Osho whilst she was sixteen, rises through the ranks to become the group’s manager, in charge of millions of cash. The tiny Antelope hamlet is intrigued by their new neighbor, Osho, who arrives in a Rolls Royce and is accompanied by thousands and thousands of his disciples. The FBI instantly becomes aware of the gang.

The organization 1000 Neighbors of Oregon files a lawsuit to have Rajneeshpuram’s structures demolished. Sheela starts purchasing suitable properties in Antelope, a community of only 40 people. The residents resolve to disincorporate in order to avoid the Rajneeshees from gaining governmental authority. Following the explosion of a Rajneesh-owned restaurant in Portland, Oregon in 1983, protection at the ranch is significantly increased.

The Rajneeshees are said to be infatuated with sexual activities and can be heard enjoying orgasmic sensations at all hours of the day and night, according to town residents. Ma Anand Sheela, a spokeswoman for the Rajneesh Foundation, appears on various chat shows and news shows and engages in controversial behavior. When Sheela uses swearwords on broadcast, her remarks are muffled or her conversation is cut abruptly because she states “she will not really engage in changing the other cheek.”

Is Wild Wild Country Inspired By A True Event?

The Bhagwan and seven of his followers are charged with 35 conspiracy to commit to cheating the United States and providing false representations to harbor undocumented migrants, according to detention warrants and a sealed accusation. Because the community is well-armed and physically sheltered in a valley, the US Marshalls fear retribution to occur when they march in to arrest people. Stand-by backup has been requested from the Oregon National Guard and an FBI SWAT squad. A rancher notices 2 Learjets buzzing in and out of the land a few days even before charges are filed. The FBI receives word from an insider that perhaps the Bhagwan has escaped the property.