Is First Wives Club Season 3 Release Date Coming Soon?

A club is a place where people with similar interests meet to enjoy, party, discuss; basically to relax. The club in this series is kinda same, but still a little different. Well, the title of the series clearly says what the series is about, right? Yeah, you are right, a club of wives. First Wives Clubs is a comedy series written by Tracy Oliver.

The series is based on the novel ‘First Wives Clubs’ by Robert Harling. It has a total of 19 episodes( two seasons) with 26 to 31 minutes each. The first episode of the series was aired on BET+ on September 19. 2019. The story revolves around three women, who are ex-wives. They form this club after their marriage falls apart. The main motive of the club is being there for each other, sisterhood, and of course a little revenge. 

First Wives Club Season 3 Release Date

First Wives Club Season 3 Release date

The first two seasons of the series First Wives Clubs received great appreciation from the audience. The audience really loved this comedy series. Season 2 of the series First Wives Clubs was released on July 15, 2021. This gave them a min heartbreak to the fans. And from that day they are desperately waiting for the announcement of the release date. The First Wives Club is the BET+ top performer. There is a rumor that the writer has already started working on season 3. If everything goes well, the series might stream on the second half of 2022. Since the official announcements haven’t been made yet, let’s wait for the official release. 

First Wives Club Season 1 Release DateSeptember 19, 2019
First Wives Club Season 2 Release DateJuly 15, 2021
First Wives Club Season 3 Release DateTBA


First Wives Club Story

The First Wives Clubs series takes place in New York City. The main protagonists of the play are three women, Ariel Montgomery(Ari), Dr. Bree Washington(Bree), and Hazel Rachelle(Hazel). They join together, after getting divorced from their partners. They form this club in order to detach themselves from the sad reality of their life. In the club, they stock together, share love and affection, and live like sisters. The season shows their journey after divorce. 

First Wives Club Season 1 Recap

The season one story begins with the amazing singer Hazel breaking up with her producer husband Derek, who cheated on her. This leads her towards going to her best Friends Ari and Bree, who give her comfort and made her happy. Ari agrees to be Hazel’s lawyer and prepares for their divorce. But unfortunately, Derek cuts her off without any financial support. On the other side, Ari feels dissatisfied with her husband, David after meeting her ex, and Bree starts to realize that she is in love with Gary.

Soon, Ari thinks about divorcing her husband, but unexpectedly David surprises her by proposing to renew their vows. After that, Hazel decides to get into a business with Derek, which Ari and Bree disagree with. But Hazel decides not to listen to their opinion which makes Bree send Hazel out of her house, and Ari no longer stays as Hazel’s lawyer. But soon Hazel realizes that business with Derek is not a good decision and calls off her idea. And she launches her own music album which debuts as number one. Bree and Gary move in together. Ari thinks about taking up a job. This brings the end of season 1. 

First Wives Club Season 2 Recap

Ari, Bree, and hazel’s friendship have become even stronger after the storm that happened in season 1. At the beginning of season 2 we get to know that Hazel is on a world tour, Ari is still trying to connect with David, and Bree is enjoying her life with Gary, and balancing her work life.

Season 2 has a new character, Jayla, a new member of the First wives Club, who is working at Ari’s old firm. When Hazels comes back from the world tour, she brings something more than just gifts. Hazel breaks her engagement news to the three. But they are not that surprised by the news. Bree and Gary try to improve their connection through therapy. Jayla seems working on a new case. Ari is still working on her relationship with David, which makes things worse when she misses David’s first live event. Hazel stresses out because of Regna’s live concert, Ari fights with David over his relationship with his assistant Vanessa.

But even in the middle of chaos, we can be happy with Jayla as she finds a connection with Jacob. Bree, Jayla, and Hazel travel to New York to find David’s secret affair. In the meantime, Hazel tries her best to make her engagement happen. And in the final episode, everything becomes clear. Hazel gets married, Bree gets her dream position at Dr. Reynard’s office, Jayla wins her case, and  Ari figures out her life. This brings an end to Season 2. 

First Wives Club Season 3 Cast

First Wives Club Season 3 Release Date

Michelle Buteau as Dr. Bree Washington, Jill Scott as Hazel Rachelle, Ryan Michelle Bathe as Ariel “Ari” Montgomery, Mark Tallman as David Montgomery, RonReaco Lee as Gary Washington, Malik Yoba as Derrick Ellsworth, Michelle Mitchenor as Jayla Wright (Season 2), Mikhail Keize as Nigel (Season 2), Tara Pacheco as Versace (Season 1-2), and Bill Barrett as Jacob Rosen  Season 2-3)