BlackAf Season 2 Release Date To Be Announced Soon!

Sitcoms, yes! Are you also one of those sitcom fans who binge-watches sitcoms? If you are one of that kind then this blog is totally for you. Being a sitcom lover you must have definitely heard of the show BlackAf.
So, what exactly is Blackaf? I’m going to give you the information regarding the show. So talking about Blackaf, it’s a really popular and as well-loved t.v series. It’s basically an American sitcom which is a great creation of Kenya Barris.

The show was aired on one of the most beloved OTT platforms, yes, you got it right Netflix. The show was first aired in the year 2020 and since then onwards it has managed to create a widespread fan base of its own.
If we look at the title of the show, it seems pretty interesting. Mainly the people who are social media weebs would have made out by now, what is the full form AF, so AF is an internet slang which means “As fuck”.

BlackAf Season 2 Release Date

BlackAf Season 2 Release Date

The American Sitcom was first released in the year 2020, exactly when the covid period, so it was a perfect binge watch for your lockdown boredom. The series was released in the month of April, specifically dated April 17, 2020. After the release of its first season, the series was planned for its new season in the month of June. But after some time due to certain instances, the decision of the other season was taken back and the season was indeed canceled.

BlackAf Season 1 Release DateApril 17, 2020
BlackAf Season 2 Release DateCanceled


BlackAf Season 2 Story

The show is basically a series that portrayed the fictional version of the maker of the show himself. Yes, the show portrays the character of Kenya Barris himself. We can safely say the series is basically a work of art according to me. As it has all the shades of originality, by being messy, unfiltered and also there is an inclusion of the world that is in a way is hilarious.

So it’s basically a story which revolves around the situation in which most of the people who are currently trying their best to make their place in this world will relate, as we can summarize it as a , “new money”, black family who are trying to  their best to get it right in this world of today, that is becoming modern in every sense possible.All in all the message of the series is that “right” is no longer a concept that is fixed, it could be anything.

BlackAf Season 2 Cast

BlackAf Season 2 Release Date

The main cast of the show includes some of your favourite actors, the main cast of the show includes Rashida Jones who is in the role of Joya Barris, Kenya Barris who portraying the role of Kenya Barris himself, Benson who is in the role of Drea Barris, Genya Walton in the role of Chloe Barris, moving on further with Scarlet Spencer, she is playing the role of Izzy Barris, then we have Justin Claiborne in the role of Pops Barris.

And then now we have the last member of the main cast who us Ravi Cabot Conyers in the role of Kam Barris.
Along with the main cast, there were some other roles too, the cast of those roles appeared on the show as themselves only, these were Jay Rock, Lena Waithe, Scooter Braun, Tyler Perry, Will Packer, and Ava DuVernay respectively.

BlackAf Reviews

One thing you will feel a lot while watching Blackaf will be a feeling of melancholy in spite of the fact that it’s a sitcom, as it has portrayed various perspectives of a relationships that persist in  our lives, such as child parent relationship, and so many others, the fact that it portrays how hard life can be in this world where racism, and different shades of truth exist. That can be a boon to you also as it will make you stronger and that will benefit you in every sense.

Although many critics have claimed it as a show which has a cliché plot and nothing fresh, if we watch it with utmost genuinity, the show portrays different emotions and imparts various worth learning messages through its story, character, and plots.