Is My Best Friend Anne Frank based on A True Story?

‘My Best Friend Anne Frank,’ filmed by Ben Sombogaart, is a Dutch film directed about the Genocide. Anne Frank and Hanneli Goslar are two young ladies who form a connection. The narrative alternates among Nazi-occupied Amsterdam, where the main individuals first encounter, and the Bergen-Belsen detention center, when their horrific reconciliation takes place. The filmmakers have exercised creative license, and some events have been dramatized for the cinema. The screenplay was written by Marian Batavier and Paul Ruven, and the film was filmed by Ben Sombogaart.

Whenever we consider the holocaust or the impact on the environment which would have existed previously. It feels as if we are conjuring up a fantastical realism that could be used in books and movies. However, if you actually put yourself in that condition of terror and absolute wickedness for a short period of time, you will get miserable. In keeping with the film’s themes, it decides to look at one of humanity’s greatest calamities through the lens of camaraderie. This has a negative impact on the plot, as it somehow softens the victims of the Holocaust. When you picture yourself as a component of that terribly terrible and horrible universe, your perspective shift. The sensation pervades your inner being to the point that it molds your senses.

Is My Best Friend Anne Frank based on A True Story?

Is My Best Friend Anne Frank Inspired By A True Story

Yes, it is based on the premise of a true occurrence but the directors did dramatize some elements while telling the remarkable bond between the two individuals. The film is based on Alison Leslie Gold’s 1997 nonfiction book ‘Memories of Anne Frank: Confessions of a Childhood Friend,’ and was also the inspiration for the 2009 Italian TV film Mi Ricordo Anna Frank. During 1942 and 1944, she kept a diary while sheltering in the Netherlands from the conquering Nazi German soldiers. The diary was released by her dad, Otto Frank, the family’s only surviving member. It is now recognized as ‘The Diary of a Young Girl,’ and it is widely considered to be one of the most important novels of all time.

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Hans was compelled to leave his lucrative government post in 1993 after Adolf Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany, and finally immigrated to Amsterdam. Pick-Goslar and Frank were great pals at the Sixth Public Montessori School. Pick-Goslar recounted in a late-1990s talk that they first interacted in 1934, while both our parents immigrated to Holland from Germany. Frank is described by Pick-Goslar as a “spicy young girl” who is “ordinary.” “God knows anything, but Anna knows all of it better,” her mum used to say of Frank. This intriguing line was used in Sombogaart’s picture. The duo spent their time talking about boyfriends, gazing, and enjoying hopscotch. In July 1942, they were finally split. Pick-Goslar assumed the Franks had made it to refuge in Switzerland, oblivious to the fact that they’re still sheltering in a modest house in Amsterdam.

My Best Friend Anne Frank Story

Is My Best Friend Anne Frank Inspired By A True Story

Was Hannah Goslar unlucky enough to endure and face the weight of such a tragedy, or was she fortunate enough to at least endure the camps that resulted in death? Hannah Goslar was a foreign student at Bergan-Belson. German prisoners were traded for Jews. But there was a chance that they’d make it. The task was not as strenuous as it had been in other camps. Hannah’s father had managed to get the documents in order for them to be swapped and sent to Palestine.

It’s a surprise that optimism can survive even in the dingiest of dungeons. She hardly imagined that her existence would come to a close or that she’d be trapped in that drab existence forever. It’s one of the most intriguing aspects of human nature. We acclimatize to our surroundings because our self-preservation is so strong, and when we reflect back in hindsight, we are shocked at how we were capable of surviving such adversity.

After that, Frank and her sibling Margo were sent to Bergen-Belsen. The girls had a terrifying encounter at the facility, as portrayed in the film. Frank died in February 1945, most likely as a result of the typhus epidemic that had swept the area at the time. British forces rescued the barracks six weeks later. Pick-Goslar went on to lead a long and fruitful existence. She has 11 grandkids and nearly 20 great-grandchildren after marriage. She is now based in Jerusalem. Pick-story Goslar’s touched screenwriter Paul Ruven and his co-scriptwriter Marian Batavier right away, as per Ruven.

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