When Are We Getting Single Drunk Female Season 2 Release Date?

Single drunk female is an American comedy-drama series that started premiering in January 2022, the show has just released 3 of its episodes and the response from the audience isn’t very appealing for the makers or other prospective viewers. The show has got a 5.8 IMDb rating, surely not very appreciated, though there is a huge chance for the ratings to go higher with a greater number of episodes dropping by. The show is about Samantha Flink who after having a public breakout and embarrassing her completely, is forced to go back to her mother’s place to calm herself down and to also avoid the jail time she could have got, it revolves around alcohol problems she has and the new changes she is forced to make in her life along with the dramatic love life events which take place continuously throughout the show. The show is still isn’t finished yet and with the current rating in hand it is hard to tell anything about the second season of the show but if the ratings rise a bit by the end of season 1, then we are surely looking forward to season 2.

Single Drunk Female Season 2 Release Date

Single Drunk Female Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the show started premiering on 20th January 2021 with the drop of two dramatic and humorous episodes and then we received the third episode on 27th of January, the four and the fifth episodes are expected to drop by the third and tenth of February. The first season will end with a total of 10 episodes and is expected to conclude by early March this year, the show also took about an entire year’s time for production. Thus, if season 2 is renewed again, it will take an approximate production time of 1 year too and we are looking at the time period of March 2023 for the second season. The second season will also have about 10-12 episodes with each episode having a runtime of nearly 20 = 25 minutes just like the previous season of the show.

Single Drunk Female Season 1 Release DateJanuary 20, 2022
Single Drunk Female Season 1 End DateFebruary 24, 2022
Single Drunk Female Season 2 Release DateTo Be Confirmed

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Single Drunk Female Season 1 Recap

With only three episodes in hand, the show doesn’t have a storyline, which is full of twists and turns, but surely a story that is full of laughs and giggles, the first episode of the show begins with 28-year-old Sam getting extremely drunk and arriving at her job late at night when asked to leave she ends up hitting her boss, and gets charged for reckless assault, with that we skip 1 month and see Sam being picked up by her mother from the rehab center, she has to stay with her mother and also attend anonymous alcoholics meetings for 90 days, in the first meeting she meets Olivia and James and that goes well. By the end of the episode, we see Sam again being a mess, drinking and crashing her car, with the news of her former best friend marrying her ex-boyfriend, she receives more community service and is forced to work for her living.

The second episode is full of more drama with, Sam encountering brit and her ex and getting to know about the 5000 dollars she owes her, fighting with her mother about the guy she is dating, getting a rejection from James, and getting her first paycheck at the same time. The story continues like this with more drama and many more struggles till Sam sorts her life out.

Single Drunk Female Season 2 Story

We haven’t heard anything sure about the renewal of the show, but if season 1 isn’t left on a cliffhanger ending, we are surely getting some new problems and new events in the life of Sam or some problems related to Olivia which Sam ends up handling or more relationship problem for Sam, in the upcoming season of the show. Whatever it is, it will surely be worth a watch for the audience.

Single Drunk Female Season 2 Trailer

As we already know season 1 of the show hasn’t finished airing yet, thus, we haven’t received any update on season 2, therefore, no trailer for the second season of the show is released but we surely have three episodes of the first season streaming on Hulu along with new episodes premiering weekly on freeform. To catch a few glimpses of the show, we can surely check out the trailer of the show available on YouTube.

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