Malcolm In The Middle Season 8 Release Date Confirmed!

Being a middle child is quite confusing, and frustrating right? Like you are older than your younger brother but still younger than your older brother. Yeah, as I said, it’s confusing. You don’t even know how to act. Think about Malcolm, the protagonist in the series ‘Malcolm in the Middle.’ He s the middle child of the family. The entire series revolves around Malcolm and his lower-middle-class dysfunctional family. ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ is an American sitcom directed by Linwood Boomer. The sitcom has a total of 7 seasons and 151 episodes, with a running minute of 21-23 minutes each. As the title says, the story revolves around Malcolm and the difficulties he faces being a middle child. He is also an intelligent kid who often gets bullied at school because of his skills. Though it may sound serious, the series never fails to get the audience stomach ache (out of laughing) by the end of each episode. 

Malcolm In The Middle Season 8 Release Date

Malcolm In The Middle Season 8 Release Date

The first episode of Malcolm in the Middle was released on January 9, 2000, on Fox, and it conquered the hearts of many for 6 long years. We can confidently say that Malcolm, never failed to surprise us with his intelligence and his family never failed to make us laugh. I know almost every ‘middle-child’ of the family could connect with Malcolm. Each and every episode is way too relatable. Like every other awesome series, this too came to an end on May 14, 2006, leaving all Malcolm fans in miseries. We are looking for all the updates regarding the sitcom, but couldn’t find any official announcements yet. Let’s be calm and wait for fo the updates.

Malcolm In The Middle Season 1 Release DateJanuary 9, 2000
Malcolm In The Middle Season 2 Release DateNovember 5, 2000
Malcolm In The Middle Season 3 Release DateNovember 11, 2001
Malcolm In The Middle Season 4 Release DateNovember 3, 2002
Malcolm In The Middle Season 5 Release DateNovember 2, 2003
Malcolm In The Middle Season 6 Release DateNovember 7, 2004
Malcolm In The Middle Season 7 Release DateSeptember 30, 2005
Malcolm In The Middle Season 8 Release DateNot Confirmed

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Malcolm In The Middle Season 8 Story

‘Malcolm in the Middle’ is a comedy series about a 12 years old boy named Malcolm. He is from a lower-middle-class family with a hotheaded and stubborn mother Lois, immature but loving dad Hal, the trouble-making eldest brother Francis, dimwitted older brother Rees and a younger brother Dewey. Malcolm s not just an ordinary kid, he is gifted with extreme intelligence with an IQ level of 165. Anyone can imagine his situation literally stuck between his intelligence and flawed family. His eldest brother will leave for the military in the first season, which makes him the middle child. But eventually, he disenrolls from the military and joins a logging camp before finally settling in a good job. By the end of season four, he gets another younger brother Jamie when he literally becomes the middle child. 

Malcolm In The Middle Season 8 Cast

Malcolm In The Middle Season 8 Cast

Frankie Muniz is Malcolm, the title character of the series, Though he is intelligent and genius, he is equally ego-headed. Throughout the series, he tries to escape from his family and be independent. Jane Kaczmarek as Lois, the family’s wildly short-tempered mother who is also an intelligent and decisive woman. She always acts tough and cruel to her children, but deep inside she cares for them a lot and even defends them in front of others. Bryan Cranston as Hal is a well-meaning, loving, but inept and completely immature father.

He is completely dependent upon Lois and his love for her made him avoid his own family. He always makes up to his sons for whatever Lois does. He also spends quality time with their sons, behind Lois’s back, Christopher Kennedy Masterson as  Francis, who is Malcolm’s eldest brother. He gets into the military in the beginning, but later settles down in a decent job and marries his girlfriend. Justin Berfield is Reese, Malcolm’s older brother. He is quite impulsive because of his age, though he lacks common sense, he is good at making last-minute plans. Erik Per Sullivan as Dewey, Malcolm’s younger brother.

Being the youngest one in the family, he always falls for his brothers’ pranks. He has a high tolerance for pain because of his abusive brothers. He is the only brother, whom Jamie loves the most. These actors not only acted as a family but they got themselves involved in the characters so much that we really believed that they might be one family in real life too. 

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