Will There Be Arrival Of Attack On Titan Season 5 Release Date Soon?

Attack On Titan Season 5 is going to be very much exciting as all other seasons have been amazing. The new episodes will focus more on the transformation of Eren. Attack On Titan is Japanese dark fantasy anime series. The series gained huge popularity and will be named Attack On Titan: Final Season. The final season is the upcoming series. The beginning of the series highlighted the takeover of the city by the Titans. The Titans start to destroy the city and soon Eren will become capable to defeat the Titans. Lastly, It also showed how Eren got the powers to be a Titan. Armin plays an important role in the series. Armin will have a character development that will turn the story. Mikasa will turn the tables when she kills the protagonist of the story.

Attack On Titan Season 5 Release Date

Attack On Titan Season 5 Release Date

The release date will be soon be announced. The fans are expecting to see a much more exciting episode of the series. There has been a green signal that the new season is expected to arrive at any time. Eren is shown as the protagonist of the story who will turn up as the antagonist. All the supporting characters are attached and the revelation will be there in the climax scenes. The release date will be announced with a trailer and fans can keep patient to get the good news. Surely, the new season will be back with a bang on NHK General TV. Fans are excited to see the aftermath of Mikasa’s act. Eren turns into an antagonist as it is a turning point in the story.

Attack On Titan Season 1 Release DateApril 7, 2013
Attack On Titan Season 2 Release DateApril 1, 2017
Attack On Titan Season 3 Release DateJuly 23, 2018 & April 29, 2019
Attack On Titan Season 4 Release DateDecember 7, 2020, & January 10, 2022
Attack On Titan Season 5 Release DateTBA

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Attack On Titan Season 5 Story

The story will move on to the change in Eren’s behavior and suddenly Eren will turn into an Antagonist. Eren will turn into a highly volatile person. He turns up evil kind to protect Paradise Island. He has to face the aftermath with Mikasa and Armin. Eren will use his wits to defeat his foes. There can be a huge fight between Eren and other Titans. Eren will fight all the battles with courage. His character is shown very bravely. The story will also focus on personal challenges faced by Mikasa. Mikasa will continue to save Eren no matter what. The love towards him will make Mikasa weak. Mikasa will be seen to take some very hard decisions which will change the whole story. The childhood incident made him such a person who is full of revenge. Eren will also turn up as Titan and the story will end with his death due to some circumstances which will be revealed in the series during the climax scene.

Attack On Titan Season 4 Recap

Eren is a teenage boy who has vowed revenge on big creatures, known as Titans, who gobbled his mother. In the later story, it is shown that to take revenge from Titans he joins the Exploration Battalion. This battalion is a group of soldiers who fight against the Titans. He is also considered the ultimate hero from the beginning of the story. At a younger age, he additionally enables Mikasa to dispatch the kidnappers. He develops an ideology at a totally small age. His lifestyle turns disrupted as one of the Titans will consume up to his mom in the front of his eyes. This made him enroll in the Battalion to get revenge for his mom’s death. Eren enables his buddy Armin from the Titans.

Attack On Titan Season 5 Characters

Attack On Titan Season 5 Release Date

Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and other supporting characters who were there in the previous season will be there in the new season. The new season is expected to bring new villains and there might be a change in the protagonist. The story will have a turning point due to which Eren will not be a protagonist yet Eren will be replaced by someone else as the protagonist. The protagonist has to be a strong character related to Eren. Armin may be the protagonist as it is seen from season 3 that he is taking the spotlight. His mind will shine and the analytic moves he will make will the story on fire.

Attack On Titan Season 5 Trailer

There has been no official trailer yet. It is expected that the trailer will be launched for the new season. Fans are excited to see how the story will turn up around all the characters. Fans have predicted many scenarios but it is still a mystery about the final story. The journey of all the characters should be justified in the story. The story has a lot of expectations. The season will surely be full of turning points. It will be interesting to see what the new season brings to its fans.

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