Intersection Season 4 Release Date, Cast, And Story Updates!

Intersection or Kordugum in Turkish is a television series of Turkey that was released on January 7, 2016. This series is produced by Endemol Shine Turkey and broadcasted on Fox Turkey. This series is directed by Gokcen Usta and the script for television written by Yigit Okan for the 1st to 26th episode along with Sadef Bayburtluhul who only help in writing 9 episodes and Yasemin Kirbas for the first 5 episodes. After Yigit Okan, F. Klavye took command for the rest of the series.

As of now, these series have a total of 3 seasons and a total of 31 episodes in combined all three seasons. This show is 120 to 160 minutes long. For the duration time of January 7, 2016, to October 20, 2016, these series provide 31 episodes, as it’s a weekly program, each episode released every Thursday at 20:00 means 8:00 PM on Fox Turkey.

This series follows the story of Naz and Umut who have been married for more than 10 years. She is now a pediatrician and he is an ambitious designer of cars. Ali Nejat is a wealthy businessman who is not interested in getting married and falling in love with someone. Despite their young age difference, they fell in love and got married after Naz became pregnant. Unfortunately, the baby was stillborn and Naz made a tough decision to abstain from having children. Although initially supportive, Naz realizes that Umut’s ambition is stealing her life.

Intersection Season 4 Release Date

Intersection Season 4 Release Date

Drama series is very popular in Turkey, Intersection have lots of drama. The hearts got broken, mistakes happen, people felt guilty and a tragic story of a child, I mean this TV show has a lot. It’s a weekly drama program on Fox turkey, so people can enjoy it but after its third season, the series did update anything further on the show’s future.

There is a rumor that the series got canceled, and it is because of the gay character shown in this series. According to, the government of Turkey pressurized the show’s creator to remove this gay character from the series as it is against the rule of the state. After going on a long debate with the creator, Gokcen Usta has left no other choice but to cancel the show.

The production went off soon after they announced this incident. Netflix removed the from Netflix Turkey because of the pressure of the state. However, there are still chances that the show may come back with Netflix, but they are still in discussion.

So, Intersection is not coming back anytime soon, maybe it will happen in the future, if anything happens and any further information, we got related to the show’s season 4, we’ll update this page. So, stay tuned.

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Intersection Season 4 Story

As a young businessman from a wealthy family, Ali Nejat lost his nephew in a car accident due to his passion for high speed. Since then, Ali Nejat refuses to forgive himself and can never get close to his family. In Istanbul, Ali Nejat goes on a business trip to Italy and meets a young doctor, who saves his friend’s life at a restaurant. Naz, however, misses her flight back to Istanbul and so they are forced to return to Istanbul together.

With Ali Nejat’s financial assistance, Umut, who is passionate about cars, can fulfill his ultimate dream of making his own automobile with Naz’s help. Umut feels disappointed for disappointing his family after sacrificing his life for Naz’s education. Ali Nejat’s help not only improves Naz’s life but also improves her husband’s life.

As Ali Nejat celebrates his birthday, he discovers that he is the father of a little child named Kaan. As he tries to raise a child, Naz helps him and they become closer in the process. Later the marriage falls apart after Ali Nejat enters their lives.

This television series of Turkey explores the story of a young love triangle and a tragic story of a child.

Intersection Season 4 Cast

Intersection Season 4 Release Date

Ibrahim Celikkol as Ali Nejat Karasu, Belcim Bilgin as Naz Ozer, Alicen Yucesoy as Umut Ozen, Rojda Demirer as Neslihan, Ege Aydan as Ayhan, Murat Daltaban as Oguz, Aybars Kartal Ozson as Kaan Karasu, Tulay Gunal as Feyza Karasu, Gozde Cigaci as Gokce, Mehmat Aslantug as Enver Eren, Saadet Isil Aksoy as Eylul Eren and Kaya Akkaya as Amir.

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