Is Deadly Class Season 2 Release Date Confirmed Or Cancelled?

Once again I am here with one more interesting series. Today’s series is based on the genre crime, drama, and action. Deadly Class is its name, is an American television series developed by Rick Remender and Miles Orion Feldsott for Syfy. It is based on the comic book series of the same name which is created by Remender and Wesley Craig and published by Image Comics. It got released under Gozie AGBO, Chipmunk Hill, Getaway Productions, Giant Generator, 2 Miles Entertainment, Universal Cable Productions along Sony Pictures Television. The series follows a homeless and disillusioned teen who is recruited to King’s Dominion, an elite private school, and from where his life gets totally changed.

Deadly Class Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of the series ran from December 30, 2018, to March 20, 2019, on Syfy. According to the critic’s reports, it got a mixed and an average review and ratings from the fans. It got 7 ratings on IMDb and 64 % on Rotten Tomatoes. It is also liked by 75 % of people. After gaining such a good response, the series was canceled for season 2. In June 2019, Rick made an announcement of its cancellation, and after that thousands of fans had filed a petition to renew this series for the upcoming season. Well, it is quite bad for the fans, but let’s see if anything good happens.

Deadly Class Season 1 Release Date (premiered on)December 30, 2018
Deadly Class Season 1 End DateMarch 20, 2019
Deadly Class Season 2 Release DateCanceled

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Deadly Class Season 1 Recap

The plot of the series revolves around a homeless and struggling teen, Marcus. He was soon recruited by Master Lin, the headmaster at King’s Dominion, an elite private school of an assassin. Generation of criminals is sent on the school. He also has to learn the deadly arts to pass his classes, living in the harsh environment of other mates. Repenting after killing Rory, he decides to socialize in the school, but the everyday pranks and teasings were not letting him do so, and Master Lin was also aware of this. Marcus, along with others was punished after being caught doing mischief at the dance party.

Marcus, Saya, Maria, Willie, and Billy fueled up to Las Vegas to kill Billy’s father, and the latter one died in an accident fighting with Marcus and Billy. Chico was killed by Maria when Chico interrupts Maria and Marcus making out for something romantic. The group was later on jeopardized by Maria’s bipolar behavior. Master Lin and Madame Gao clash over to properly run the academy and sometime later, the latter one finds the secret of the former. Marcus, on the other hand, reveals Chester’s threat to Saya.

Lin temporarily institutes a lockdown in the academy to know the truth behind the murder of Chico and Yukio, and tensions arise between Kuroki and Soto with Saya and Maria caught in the middle. On the other hand, Lin was also trying to make good relations with Gao, but she was one step ahead of him. Simultaneously, he works to keep his daughter alive and stay ahead of El Alma Del Diablo’s forces. Watch the criminal drama series now, and you are going to add this to your wishlist then.

Deadly Class Season 2 Cast

Deadly Class Season 2 Release Date

Benedict Wong as Master Lin is the ruthless headmaster of King’s Dominion. Benjamin Wadsworth seen as Marcus Lopez Arguello is King’s Dominion’s newest addition and Saya’s pledge. Lana Condor seen as Saya Kuroki is the leader of the Kuroki Syndicate and Marcus’s sponsor. María Gabriela de Faría seen in the character of Maria Salazar is a member of the Soto Vatos and Chico’s former girlfriend.

Luke Tennie as Willie Lewis is the leader of the Final World Order ( F. W. O ) and the best friend of Marcus at King’s Dominion. Liam James seen in the character of Billy Bennett is a friendly punk rocker who is the son of a corrupt drug smuggling cop and also one of Marcus’s best friends. Duval as Chico is the leader of the Soto Vatos and Maria’s former boyfriend.

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