When Will Record Of Youth Season 2 Release Date Show Up Itself?

The love for Korean dramas is at an all-time high these days. The latest on the list is a South Korean TV series named Record of Youth. It is a youth-oriented romantic film. The series stars Park Bo-gum, Park So-dam, Byeon Woo-Seok, and Kwon Soo-Hyun in pivotal roles. It has been directed by Ahn Gil-ho. It was broadcast on tvN. It premiered on 7 September 2020, Monday. The last episode of the series was released on 27 October 2020. Fans can also stream this series on Netflix. Keep on reading to know the release date of Record Of Youth Season 2!

Record Of Youth Season 2 Release Date

Record Of Youth Season 2 Release Date

Record Of Youth is a fun show to watch. The romantic dynamics between the protagonists are heart-warmingly beautiful. The first season of the show was a spectacular mix of emotions. Fans are on an edge after season 1 and can’t wait for season 2. So if you are a fan of the show, stay tuned with us at Live Akhbar for the latest updates on the release date and more.

The show was released in the year of the pandemic. At a time when people were suffering tremendously, the show proved to be a calming effect. It’s 2022 and of course, fans can not wait for the next season. There is an understanding that shooting during the pandemic involves following various strict rules and regulations that may delay the release of a project.

Record Of Youth Season 1 Release Date (First Episode Date)7 September 2020
Record Of Youth Season 1 Last Episode DateOctober 27, 2020
Record Of Youth Season Season 2 Release DateLess Chances to come

Due to the pandemic, it has become difficult for makers of films and TV shows to stick to their original plans. So even if a season 2 was on cards, the makers might have to change their plan. As the producers even hinted when the finale episode of season 1 had released that this could be the end of Record of Youth. Other K dramas of the kind are also ending with just one season which makes it highly probable that there won’t be any season 2 for fans of Record of Youth, either.

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Record Of Youth Season 2 Story

Despite the gloominess of 2020, it brought some good memories. It made us watch k dramas and fall in love with them. Record of Youth is one such show. The show became an instant favorite upon release. As we wait for the release of its second season, here’s a season recap of the 1st season and a roundup of what you can expect from season 2.

The Record Of Youth revolves around three ambitious young men united by their aspiration to make it big in Seoul. At the center of the show are model Hye Jun and makeup artist Hae Ho. Will both the individuals be able to get success as actors? We dive deep into their stories as we unveil this suspense.

As for season 2, whether or not it happens, we will keep you updated. Even if season 2 doesn’t happen, fans can always turn to Netflix for a fun watch as Record of Youth is streaming on the OTT. So don’t be upset and keep on chilling while watching Netflix.

Record Of Youth Season 2 Cast

Record Of Youth Season 2 Release Date

Good films require a stellar cast. A cast consisting of talented and efficient actors. Record of youth hits the nail on the head in this department. The cast of Record of Youth includes Park Bo-gum playing the role of Sa Hye-Jun. Im Jae-Ha plays a young Sa Hye-Jun, a model with aspirations of becoming a top actor. Park So-dam plays the role of makeup artist Ahn Jeong-ha, Byeon Woo-Seok plays the role of Won Hae-Hyo. Noh Young-min plays a young Won Hae-Hyo and Kwon Soo-Hyun plays the role of Kim Jin-woo. Baek Soo-Min plays a young Kim Jin-woo.

Supporting actors include Ha Hee-ra playing the role of Han Ae-sook, Sa Hye-jun’s mother, Han Jin-hee playing the role of Sa Min-gi, Sa Hye-jun’s grandfather, Park Soo-young playing the role of Sa Young-Nam, Sa Hye-jun’s father, Lee Jae-won playing the role of Sa Kyeong-jun, Sa Hye-jun’s older brother, Shin Ae-ra playing the role of Kim Yi-young, Won Hae-hyo’s mother, Seo Sang-won playing the role of Won Tae-kyeong, Won Hae-hyo’s father, Jo Yoo-Jung playing the role of Won Hae-na, Won Hae-hyo’s younger sister.

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