Al Hayba Season 2 Release Date Can Be Here Anytime Soon!

If you are a fan of Lebanese television drama, you should know about Al Hayba. It’s a drama series created by Sabbah Brothers and Cedars Art Production and directed by Samer Al Barkawi. This television drama was written by Hozan Akko and Basem Al Salka for MBC (Middle East Broadcasting Center). After the release of the first season, this series goes viral, and everyone started talking about this series in Lebanon.

As an Arab Ramadan series, this series was released on the month of Ramadan on 27th May 2017. Soon, after the immense popularity, Netflix picks up the series for a much larger audience. Netflix also dubbed the series in several languages, including English, Chinese, Hebrew, French, Spanish, Turkish, and Greek.  As of now, this show has given us a total of 5 seasons and a total of 120 episodes, each episode of the show is 40-45 minutes long.

This story of the show follows the life of Sheikh Al Jabal, it is a fictional clan of Arabs, which controls all the smuggling areas and routes between Lebanon and Syria, and has a long-standing feud with another clan of a powerful family, the Saeed Clan, in the Hayba village. This is a long ongoing battle between these two clans, it is 5 seasons now and all we see is new characters and enemies entering the show.

Al Hayba Season 2 Release Date

Al Hayba Season 2 Release Date

Netflix really helps some television shows by putting them on their site for the whole world to see it. Obviously, they are not an NGO or something, they do it because they see profit in it. But it helps shows to make more good content. They do the same with Al Hayba, as with the increasing popularity of this show in Lebanon, Netflix brought all the broadcasting rights from MBC. They even dubbed that show in various languages. As season one is already on Netflix, they are preparing for season 2 to release. Season 2 was released on MBC on May 17, and the English subtitle version on October on MBC. Netflix announced that season 2 is also going to be dubbed in 5 other languages just like the first season and even dubbing is under production.

As the dubbing is still going on, it will take several more months for season 2 of Al Hayba to get its release on Netflix. However, it is confirmed that it will release as soon as possible.

So, it is all the latest updates we’ve got as of now, but if we receive any other update related to season 2, we will make sure to update the page.

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Al Hayba Season 2 Story

Before you read it, this section contains major spoilers, Season 2 is set before the story of season 1, they make it like a prequel to the first season. Jabal’s father and his brothers are still alive, and his paternal uncle, Ghazi Sheikh Al Jabal, is not imprisoned. This helps set the stage for the feudal and interfamily strife in season 1. Jabal thinks the Saeeds laid out the assassination plot, so he has his Adel kill Suleiman Saeed, the head of the Saeed clan, who set the assassination plan on the wedding day of Sultan Sheikh Al Jabal and Maryam.

After a bloody war between the families, Suleiman Saeed’s daughter, Sumaya, and Jabal’s daughter, Maryam, agree to a truce on the condition that Jabal marries her. Maryam ends up going to Europe, while Jabal was imprisoned for 2 years. Once Jabal escaped from prison and returned to Hayba, the village is controlled by Nazem Aali, who controls all rackets, arms smuggling.

Al Hayba is brought back to Jabal’s hands when Haybal tries to re-established a happy village for most of us. Chahine reveals Sultan’s hitman was Nazem and not Suleiman, and Aali’’s leader Haulo is murdered by Jabal after weeks of struggles. As Nazem’s Empire collapses, Hayba is returned to Jabal.

Al Hayba Season 2 Cast

Al Hayba Season 2 Release Date

The actors in this series are majorly from Syria, however, the series is of Lebanon.

Taim Hasan as Jabal, Muna Wassef as Nahed Emran, Oweiss Mkhallalarti as Sakhar, Rouzaina Lazkani as Muna, Abdo Chahine as Chahine, Nadine Nassib Njeim as Alia, Valerie Abou Chacra as Maryam, Nicole Saba as Sumaya, Cyrine Abdelnour as Nour Rahma, Said Serhan as Ali and Mohamad Akil as Al Shayeb.

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