10 Shows Like Billions That Are Must Watch For The Fans!

Season 6 of the entertaining Showtime series about extractive banking giants and the lawyers attempting to trim their feathers has officially begun. And there’s a big shift in the new season. As Damian Lewis, who played investment bank tycoon Bobby Axelrod, perhaps the show’s primary character, resigned at the end of Season 5. Corey Stoll has jumped in as Chuck Rhoades’ (Paul Giamatti) counterpoint, having joined the show as a recurring character in Season 5.

Billions are among the most well-known business series of all time. The series tells the narrative of a fund manager who routinely breaks the law to make a lot of money, which he does. As the story continues, unfortunately, things turn for the worst. Eventually he finds himself caught in the web of police departments. As a result, US Attorney Chuck Rhoades is forced to investigate his acts. If you enjoy thrillers with two sides of the law pitted against one another, then billions are the show for you.

Shows Like Billions

 As ostensibly kind but cutthroat financial titan Michael Thomas Aquinas Prince. Bobby didn’t see it coming when Prince pulled off a mutiny at the end of last season, and everything that rightfully belonged to Axe now belongs to Prince. Including Axe’s profligate right person, Mike “Wags” Wagner.

Showtime releases new episodes every Sunday. In between programs, you can watch some more amazing shows that are similar to Billions. Since no tv-series is precisely like Billions, there are a few that have elements of the show. Whether it’s an emphasis on the one % of the, winding financial and legal salesmanship and double-crossing, zesty conversation, or an eagerness to be unrepentantly enjoyable in a way that reputation dramas might not always allow. Keep reading the article for more shows like Billions.


Succession is the show on this shortlists that most closely resembles Billions. Although it’s more of a satire and far more scathing of the ultra-rich than Billions. Which occasionally crosses the line into luxury porn. The Roys, a dynasty that operates an international media conglomerate partly based on the Murdochs of Fox, is the focus of HBO’s interesting piece. Logan Roy (Brian Cox), the patriarch, is elderly but still as brutal and nasty as ever. Pitting his children against each other in a bid to win their father’s favor and be designated as his future. It covers all the bases for extravagance, betrayals, and theatrical swearing that Billions is known for.

The Good Fight

When The Good Wife was on, it was the most Billions show on television, to the extent where Julianna Margulies was on Billions for a moment. The Good Fight, a web spin-off of The Good Wife, seems to be the only show that can compete with Billions on grounds of sheer entertainment. Christine Baranski plays Diane Lockhart, a lawyer who advocates for leftist causes. However, contrary to Chuck Rhoades from Billions, who exploits his prosecution talents for tally and personal benefit, Diane’s hearts are in the right place. The Good Fight, like Billions, has a sizzling, sophisticated conversation that just doesn’t take itself somewhat seriously.

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Shows Like Billions

This story about the economic world with people who attempt to make it in it may be dubbed Millions, if not quite Billions. Industry, on the other hand, takes a slightly different approach to the area of high-stakes gambling. It follows the story of recruits aiming to land a perfect job at a famous London investment firm, where it’s not unusual to stay the evening at your office or compromise your integrity to gain that essential advantage to advance up the career ladder. You also party at nighttime.  It has the same furious, over-the-top intensity as Billions, but with a new cast that can take being thrown around. 


Shows Like Billions

This FX legal drama, which aired from 2007 to 2012, has a strong resemblance to Billions. These shows showcased season-long occurrences, zippy discussions, accurate and consistent plotting, exhilarating cliffhangers, and a mutually supportive competition between the two protagonists. Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) and Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne), a merciless strong lawyer. That relationship sounds very similar to Chuck’s with Bobby “Axe” (Damian Lewis), but it’s also similar to Axe’s with Taylor Mason (Asia Kate Dillon), his most magnificent and self-reliant employee. Damages had a strong cast of characters, including Timothy Olyphant, Lily Tomlin, Ted Danson, and Marcia Gay Harden. Similar to Billions, which featured heavy hitters like Mary-Louise and John Malkovich Parker.


Shows Like Billions

Suits is just about 2 fellas (one wealthy) acting inappropriately and being very likable about that as well, similar to Billions. It featured Gabriel Macht as the egotistical but loveable lawyer Patrick J and Harvey Specter. Adams as his subordinate Mike Ross, a magnificent lawyer who just never attended law school. Bobby Axelrod only attended Hofstra University. Suits, the crowning achievement of the USA’s “Blue Skies” epoch, is a lightweight, more ephemeral version of Billions, but it’s still a well-written and very well crafted piece of judicial entertainment.

Black Monday

This is the tv series on the ranking that is the least like Billions, but it holds a strange obsession with budgetary misbehavior and a readiness to go to extremes for the sake of amusement. Don Cheadle plays Maurice Monroe, a shady Wall Street stockbroker who was high on cocaine in the 1980s until the ostensible market crash. Black Monday has been on the air for 3 seasons and has yet to be axed or revived.

Dirty Money

Shows Like Billions

If you’re anything like me, a big part of why you watch Billions is that it makes you feel good about white-collar crime. If this is the scenario, this docuseries captures that mood without ever using Bobby Axelrod’s personality to dilute it. Dirty Money explores frauds, embezzlement, and corrupt practices, with occurrences on Jared Kushner’s real estate business. The Wells Fargo banking debacle, and HSBC committing fraud for drug traffickers. Among many other aggravating financial fraud, an executive created by Alex Gibney, America’s topmost chronicler of corporate corruption. Dealing is treated as an unsavory but necessary element of doing business in Billions, but Dirty Money will convince you how unlawful it is. Chuck is a hassle, but he is correct in his desire to imprison Bobby Axelrod.


Goliath is Amazon’s legal crime drama counterpart to its prevalent police drama Bosch, and it, like Billions, offers intriguing legal malfeasance in a more elevated bundle. Billy Bob Thornton plays Billy McBride, a magnificent but down-on-his-luck alcohol problem lawyer who fights for justice and truth in order to atone for his past of portraying crooks and miscreants. Billy Bob Thornton is the same caliber of a performer as the show’s leads, and the supporting ensemble is as strong as any on television right now. With Molly Parker, William Hurt, David Cross, Mark Duplass, and Dennis Quaid all making appearances during the course of the show’s four seasons.


Shows Like Billions

Ozark, based on a similar premise, is one of the best series about people fleeing drug gangs and crime syndicates. Nevertheless, that isn’t the complete plot of Ozark; it has a lot more to provide. Ozark is the story of a financial counselor for a cash launderer who makes an error and finds up owing a large sum of money to a drug lord. In an effort to save his family, he leads them to the Missouri Ozarks resort, where they become enmeshed with local crooks. The narrative will take you into the realm of drug traffickers and mafias, and how hazardous and risky it can be.

If you enjoy shows about characters who are cunning and determined to attain their goals, no matter how tough or socially inappropriate they may be, this is a series we recommend. Also, if you enjoyed the notion of billions, you would enjoy this show. Homecoming isn’t your typical show with an antagonist and a protagonist; instead, it’s a show that will broaden your horizons in a variety of ways. So, if you haven’t seen it yet, we strongly advise you to do so.

The Affair

The affair, the top dramedy in the world, is next on the ranking of programs like billions. It’s a program that will make you doubt basic notions like integrity and make you suspicious. However, if you’re looking for world-class entertainment, it’s a fantastic performance to witness. The first episode of this show premiered in 2014, and it was an instant hit.

Shows Like Billions

The affair is the best series to watch following billions since it was able to capture the audience’s interest so swiftly and for so long. The affair, like the latter, has a lot of maneuvers happening in the background, and the whole narrative is incredible. Nevertheless, don’t just accept our phrase for it; they’ve won a Golden Globe for best television drama and have an IMDb rating of 7.9/10. Also, according to rotten tomatoes, 86 percent of critics liked it, which is why this show is on this list. 

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