10 Movies Like The Royal Treatment That Are Worth Watching!

The Royal Treatment is an American romantic comedy film, full of entertainment and fun events while depicting the beautiful story of prince Thomas and Isabella. Isn’t that the dream for most girls to get a prince as their loved one? Isabella is a normal commoner just like every other girl and the introduction of prince Thomas into her life is an extraordinary event for sure, making little girls a bit more optimistic about life. The movie came out in January 2020 on the Netflix platform and surely marked the beginning of the year with lots of laughs. The show has a total of 97 minutes of runtime and the ending is surely a dream for many girls, eating jello with a prince on the horseback.

The main story revolves around the protagonist of the show Isabella, where she works in the salon as a hairdresser, and suddenly she receives a call from the royal family to cut the hair of prince Thomas for 500 dollars which is a lot considering the financial condition of Isabella. This marks the journey of Thomas and Isabella, as Izzy arrives in the royal palace there have been many chaotic funny events that slowly brings the prince and her closer day by day, the prince gets to do fun through the eyes of a common er and this lights the spark between them. Though Thomas is set to marry Lauren, Thomas in the last few minutes of the movie realizes that he loves Izzy and ends up breaking the marriage which is also a sense of relief for Lauren as she is trying to work on herself right now. The ending of the story is marked with Izzy and Thomas being together with each other, a truly happy ending for sure.

Now with such a great movie in hand and the interest of the audience slowly increasing towards love stories with prince and princess in it, here are 10 more movies that have a similar setting and are worth a watch:

Rich Crazy Asian

Movies Like The Royal Treatment

Rich crazy Asian belongs to the same genre of movies but with a slightly different setting, the story does include a royal family but the main story is set in a “Richie rich” Asian family, where the most eligible heir of the family falls in love with a commoner, Rachael chu while nick was studying America. Rachael has no idea about the true identity of nick and she slowly gets to know how wealthy he is after coming to Singapore along with nick for his best buds wedding where he is supposed to be the best man. Though there are many chaotic situations during the wedding, there is more chaos when a big cold fight starts between Nick’s grandmom, Nick’s mom, and Rachel. Truly a commoner making her place into such a big family is a tough job and Rachael’s mother’s background also plays an important role in her demeaning. Though by the end Rachael surely makes a mark on the family and ends up being with nick. It has a great ending just like the royal treatment.

2. The Princess Diaries

Movies Like The Royal Treatment

Another great movie from the lost though completely not belonging to the romance genre still being funny and the grooming of a normal teenager into the princess of Genova. Mia is a normal high school student having a crush on a guy named Josh, often humiliated for not being the cool kid in school. She had only two friends and suddenly through her life of shyness and embarrassment, her grandmother lets her on the fact that she is going to be a princess, thus she ends up attending her grandmother’s princess lesson, through a lot of dilemmas and chaos breaks out and Mia breaks the heart of a guy named Michael and ends up embarrassing herself for her cheap crush, josh. She soon understands her social position and ends up acclaiming the title she deserves and making up with Michael, leading a happy life. The whole story is being narrated from Mia’s diary.

3. The Princess Switch

Movies Like The Royal Treatment

Another movie worth a watch is princess switch, the story is based on the identical looks of the princess and a common named Stacy, the interchange of their lives, and Stacy getting a royal partner at t end. Stacy initially is a baker who runs a pastry shop and with Christmas in hand and a sudden encounter with her ex-boyfriend she decides to take part in the prestigious baking competition in Belgravia. After going there, she realizes that the princess of Belgravia shares the same identical looks as Stacy, the duchess asks Stacy and requests her to interchange her lifestyle. Though Stacy Margaret planned the switch when prince Edward will be out on business. But unfortunately, Edward returns and Stacy ends up spending time with him. Soon, the secret of Margaret and Stacy is revealed to the entire world, though a lot of chaos breaks out, Edward ends up falling for Stacy and making her his queen by the end of the movie.

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4. Aladdin

Movies Like The Royal Treatment

Another movie that already has a great fanbase is Aladdin, the show is completely based on the folk tale of Aladdin though there are sudden changes in the story that make the movie more praiseworthy. Mostly all children have read Aladdin in their childhood and the movie starring will smith as the famous humorous Gennie who becomes best buds with Aladdin a commoner and makes up making the next prince of the city, Agrabah. By the end of the movie, Aladdin fighting away the vicious noble who tries to steal the crown from the present kind, and the genie from Aladdin comes to an end. We see a happy ending where Aladdin marries princess jasmine and grants freedom to the genie from being a captive of his curse as his third wish. Truly a movie worth watching again and again.

5. Coming To America (1988)

Movies Like The Royal Treatment

This is another great movie that is not very famous among the millennials, maybe because it dates back to the 90s. though the story this movie has is remarkable. The story revolves around prince Akeem of Zamunda as he travels to America in search of his ideal girl. He pretends to be a commoner and falls in love with a girl named Lisa though the revelation of his true identity jeopardizes their lovely relationship. In the royal treatment too, Prince Thomas falls in love with Izzy and both the prince are ready to leave their fathers wealth and high social status to be with the woman they love and not marry the girls their father has selected for them

6. The Prince And Me

A remarkable rom-com which was released in the year 2004, it is the story of a determined medical student Paige and her slow romantic bond that she develops with playboy, prince of Denmark, Edvard. Edvard enters the college as a commoner and through their days, they end up helping each other and developing a romantic bond, which is again jeopardized by his true status revelation by the media. This puts Paige into a dilemma where she has to choose between her dream of becoming a doctor and her love.

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7.  A Christmas Prince

Another romantic movie in the line, the story is very beautiful and revolves around the journalist, amber, and how she falls in love with the prince of Aldovia, she plays along with the fake identity of prince Richards’s sister’s tutor. Her position is quite complicated as her relationship with Richard has two flaws, one is the ill-wishers who don’t want Richards to marry amber, and another is amber’s fake identity which may tear up her relationship with prince Richards.

8. Cinderella

Another fictional romantic drama which is very famous and is an adaption from a fairytale tale is Cinderella, the Disney adaption to the movie was a great hit and is still one of the favorite movies of young girls who wish for a Prince Kit, based on the fairytale there are no changes in the storyline, and it’s all about how Cinderella meets a fairy and makes her way into the royal family and the hearts of prince kit. A beautiful story that is quite like the royal treatment where the commoner girl ends up playing the odds and making a prince fall for her.

9. A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish

This is another great movie that resembles the plot of Cinderella and the royal treatment at the same time, though having its own taste where kat is a singer and is staying with her vicious stepfamily and while she performs as an elf, she meets on Christmas with a billionaire guy names nick who develops a beautiful bond with him, facing many troubles throughout them acknowledging their love for each other.

10. Roman Holiday (1953)

Another iconic movie and a movie way ahead of its time, the story depicting princess Ann, who sneaks out from the watch of the embassy while she is on a visit to Rome, following a series of the funny incident she ends up on the doorsteps of a common news reporter named Joe, while he doesn’t reveal her identity, they go around the city secretly and enjoy the day, by the end of the day they get close and soon prince Ann realizes how suffocated she feels while holding her status.

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