Transparent Season 6 Release Date, Cast & Story Updates!

Transparent is a comedy-drama series that has been running since 2014 and had its last finale season in 2019. Though the show continues as a series, the end of the series was marked with a movie. The show is very much controversial talked about and much acclaimed. The show has a 7.7 IMDb rating which is remarkable and the entire storyline is unique. The audience has showered it with love always and is much praised by critics too. The storyline follows the story of a Jewish family with three of its generations in it and the oldest member, Maura Pfefferman comes out as a transgender, the relationship she has with her family, the Jewish culture, and every part of her social life was beautifully depicted. It is one of the top shows on the amazon platform which has received such success and awards. Now after the fifth season and much controversy, the audience still inquiries about season 6 of the show. The fifth season is officially the end of the show, this is for sure and this was mainly because the star and the protagonist of the show, Jeffrey Tambor was fired from the show after he was charged with sexual harassment.

Transparent Season 6 Release Date

Transparent Season 6 Release Date

The show has a great deal of history and controversy behind it, but we surely can’t ignore the fact, that how much it was loved by the audience. The show premiered its first season on February 6th, 2014 and the finale came out on September 27th,2019. The story stated the main protagonist’s date after the actor was fired from the set but the makers may bend the story a bit, some new twists and turns, the introduction of a new character, and there we have season 6 in our hands. Though there are no updates from the makers of the show, if the renewal is announced someday, it will surely take nearly a period of 1 year for the filming part, and following the sequence of the show for the past years, new seasons will also comprise 10 episodes with a nearly 30 minutes runtime each.

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Transparent Season 5 Recap

 season 5 of the show was received by the audience in the form of a movie and no episodes. After returning from Israel in season 4 and a small-time skip we come to know about the death of the protagonist of the show (Maura). The death of Maura is introduced to us by Davina, Maura’s friend while she is informing the event to Maura’s ex-wife Shelly, and kids Sarah Josh and Ali. While all of them are in their own worlds, Ali has now become Ari and defines himself as a non-binary, josh being in group therapy for his love, sex addiction. We are soon taken into the funeral house where the entire family is present, josh reacts regarding bringing her ex, Raquel as the rabbi for Maura’s memorial service. While the kids clean up their moppa’s house, shelly finds a new way of coping with the grief, she decides to write a small musical based on her family with a small comedy group. With the story moving forward we see a lot of events taking place between shelly and Sarah while they come across their problems and their doppelgangers in the musical.

After the cremation of Maura, we see Ari taking some drugs and laughing through the hard times, though he doesn’t make peace with Maura who encourages him to follow his dream of becoming a rabbi. Towards the end of the funeral, we see a chorus of LGBTQ youngsters singing and paying respect. A shock for the children among all this is when they find out from the lawyer in a dramatic way that Maura wrote her house to Davina and not to them in her will. After everything, we see the Pfefferman’s accepting the truth and moving on with their life with a new start for everyone.

Transparent Season 6 Story

As we haven’t received a word from the makers and the death of the main protagonist of the show, we don’t expect much for season 6 but if it comes out, we can expect a story related to Ari playing a big role as she understands herself more.

Transparent Season 6 Trailer

Transparent Season 6 Release Date

 We haven’t had any word on season 6 so unfortunately, no trailer is available for season 6, the previous seasons of the show are available on amazon prime and if you want to check out the trailer of the previous seasons of the show, they are available on YouTube.

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