The King’s Daughter 2 Release Date Is Not Announced Yet!

New films create an air of excitement of their own. 2022 has just begun and we already have had quite a few releases that have been receiving a lot of love from audiences. The King’s Daughter is one of these. The film was released on 21st January 2022. It is an action-adventure fantasy. The American film is directed by Sean McNamara. Barry Berman and James Schamus have written the screenplay. The King’s Daughter is based on a novel. The Vonda N. McIntyre written novel named The Moon and the Sun was released in 1997. Keep following Live Akhbar for the latest updates on The King’s Daughter 2 Release Date.

The King’s Daughter 2 Release Date

The King's Daughter 2 Release Date

The King’s Daughter is produced by an esteemed lineup of producers including James Pang Hong, Paul Currie, Wei Han, Sean McNamara, David Brookwell, Hong Pang, Evan Wang, Qing Feng Du. The production houses involved with the film include Bliss Media, Brookwell McNamara Entertainment, Lightstream Pictures, Pandemonium Films, Firstep Productions, Exosphere Entertainment. Julie Andrews narrates the film. John Gilbert has edited the film and Conrad W. Hall is behind the cinematography. The film has a run time of 90 minutes.

Gravitas Ventures has distributed it. The film has a budget of $40 million. The film may have a sequel. We can say so because the novel ended on a note where several arcs were left to be explored. Movies in the genre of the King’s Daughter usually go for a sequel. It is highly probable that the makers chose to go for a sequel. However, the makers will take the last call considering profits, etc.

If the makers decide to work for a sequel, it will not release anytime soon. This is considering the pandemic restrictions. The film might release sometime in 2024.

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The King’s Daughter 2 Story

The film has been under production for a long time. The principal photography started in Versailles, France. It began in April 2014. The unit shot in France for 2 weeks. After that, they shifted to Melbourne, Australia. The unit shot there from 23rd April 2014 to the end of May 2014.

The premise of the film revolves around King Louis XIV. The king is on a quest for immortality. He wants to be immortal and gain power. His unreasonable quest ends up getting him captured. A series of events follow as the circumstances lead to the discovery of the king’s illegitimate daughter.

The sequel of the film may continue the story of the film. Whatever be the storyline, fans are waiting for the sequel. They are hoping for part 2 to stick to their expectations. If you liked The King’s Daughter then stay tuned to this place for the latest information related to the film.

The King’s Daughter 2 Cast

The ensemble cast of ‘The King’s Daughter’ includes Kaya Scodelario playing the role of Marie-Josèphe, Pierctreean playing the lead role of King Louis XIV, Benjamin Walker playing the role of Yves De La Croix, William Hurt playing the role of Pere La Chaise, Fan Bingbing playing the role of the mermaid, Pablo Schreiber playing the role of Dr. Labarthe, Rachel Griffiths playing the role of Abbess, Ben Lloyd-Hughes playing the role of Jean-Michel Lintillac, Crystal Clarke playing the role of Magali.

The King's Daughter 2 Release Date

Other members of the cast include Julie Andrews, Paul Ireland playing the role of Benoit, Jessica Clarke playing the role of Madame Devereau, Kasia Kaczmarek playing the role of Sister Constance, Tiffany Hofstetter playing the role of Mother.

The film has a lot of actors playing supporting roles. Like Kaya Blocksage is playing the role of Duchesse de Fontages, Diane Duquesne is playing the role of Courtisane, Sergine Dumais is playing the role of Abbess, Kevin Desmarescaux is playing the role of Nobleman, Jean Baptiste is Sagory playing the role of Nobleman 2, Philip Schurer is playing the role of Mousquetaire, Jessica Howes is playing the role of a Dinner guest, Floriane Andersen is playing the role of King’s court lady, Richard Anastasios is playing the role of Musketeer, Kristian Beddow is playing the role of Musketeer Lily Constantine is playing the role of Madame and Marc de Panda playing the role of Intendant.

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