Cuckoo Season 6 Release Date Confirmed Or Not?

The British sitcom Cuckoo is a series whose directors are Ben Taylor, Paul Murphy, and Ben Gregor. The series was first premiered on BBC Three on September 25, 2012, but due to its success, it was also repeated on the BBC platform. Finally, the OTT Giant Netflix took it in own hands in 2016. After successful five seasons, still, Cuckoo season 6 release date is not confirmed for now.

The star cast of this series includes actors like Greg Davies, Andy Samberg, Tamla Kari, Helen Baxendale, Taylor Lautner, Tyger Drew- honey, Esther Smith, Andie MacDowell, Kenneth Collard, and Matt Lacey. The five seasons of the series Cuckoo have about 33 episodes. Each episode of this series has a duration of about 35 minutes. The writers of this series are also Kieron Quirke and Robin French. The series was so successful that the lead character Greg Davies was nominated for a Best male performance in a Comedy program at BAFTA awards. Along with it, Greg was also nominated for best TV comedy actor. The series was also nominated for a best TV comedy program. Today we are going to update you about the Cuckoo season 6 release date along with its tentative cast, expected story, and a quick recap of the previous seasons. So let’s get started!

Cuckoo Season 6 Release Date

Cuckoo Season 6 Release Date

Officially there is no proper announcement from the side of the makers released for Cuckoo Season 6. The BBC announced at the end of last year that the sixth season of Cuckoo is soon probable. But even if we expect the shooting to be completed by May, the post-production and other things will take about six months. Therefore the release date of the sixth season of Cuckoo can lie at the end of the year 2022 in the month of November or December. It fits quite well with the schedule of the BBC channel also. Until the release of Cuckoo season 6, you can binge-watch its previous seasons!!

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Cuckoo Season 5 Recap

The previous seasons of Cuckoo revolved around Cuckoo and Ken. Cuckoo, a hippie and a self-proclaimed ninja, and Ken who is in a family of very respectful persons. As Cuckoo gets introduced to the Thompson family of the respected ones, they tried their best to get rid of him. Soon, the cuckoo vanishes in the air and returns as the son of the princess Rachael of the Thompson family. Doing pity on him, the Thompson family accepts him but as everything goes well, he again vanishes into thin air. This time he again returns with a new image. He decides to fight for the MP elections opposite Ken Thompson.

Cuckoo Season 6 Story

As the previous season of Cuckoo ended on a cliffhanger of Ken and Dale, there are chances that the sixth season of Cuckoo might start with that. Either the sixth season will start with Ken’s win in the election or him losing it. In both of the cases, the show will start with the events following the victory or loss of Ken Thompson. The return of law and order or the chaos will be decided by Ken’s victory. On the other hand, the other chapters like Rachael will also get affected by these MP election results. Dale will try for sure to convince Rachel to return to him for sake of his love if he wins. There, it will be all Rachael’s choice to decide what her decision would be.

Cuckoo Season 6 Cast

Cuckoo Season 6 Release Date

Currently, we are just null about any cast-related information of the Cuckoo Season 6. But we do have the cast information of the previous seasons of Cuckoo and there are greater chances that they are gonna repeal themselves. Yeah, two to three new characters are exceptions but major changes are not possible.
The actors that appeared in the first season of the series are Andy Samberg, Greg Davies, Helen Baxendale, Tyger Drew-Honey, Tamla Kari Main, Esther Smith, Steve Chance, Kenneth Collard, Connie Chance, Selina Griffiths, Holly Earl, Philip Jackson, Nina Morgan, Taylor Lautner, Jacqueline Boatswain, and Andie MacDowell.
That’s it!! If you want to enjoy the previous seasons of the Cuckoo then you can watch it on Netflix. Since Cuckoo season 6 is not going to be released soon, you can enjoy the trailer for the fifth season of the Cuckoo.

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