Is Training Day Season 2 Release Date Cancelled? Know Here

Want to watch something criminal and detective-based series, then this should be on your wishlist. Training Day is its name is an American television series under the genre crime and thriller. It is based on the 2001 film Training Day which was created by David Ayer. Developed by Will Beall, the series got released under Jerry Bruckheimer Television in the United States with just a single episode till now, which comprises 13 episodes. The series focuses on Frank and how the other detectives are being spied on him.

Training Day Season 2 Release Date

Training Day Season 2 Release Date

If we talk about the release date of the series, then it aired on the CBS channel from February 2, 2017, to May 20, 2017. The series was not able to gain a good response from the audience. It received negative reviews from all over the world as 6.1 ratings on IMDb, 24 % on Rotten Tomatoes, and 38 % on TV Guide. Although it was liked by 88 % of people, the reviews said that it could not be able to copy the film in its television version.

After the death of the renowned actor Bill Paxton in the year 2017, and after knowing that season 1 of the television series could not match up with the lines of the audience, the makers made an announcement in the same year that they will not renew the series for its next season. And the same did happen, as it has been such a long time and there are no whereabouts of the season 2. Well, I can say that it was quite bad luck for the makers, as the series was not able to make just like the film did, and eventually they decided to never launch any further season.

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Training Day Season 1 Recap

Fifteen years after the film, the series focuses on Frank Roarke, the head of the SIS, whose interest in operating in a gray area makes questions and doubts against him. Kyle Craig, a cop was assigned to spy on Frank by being his new partner, or you can say a trainee. His late father has also worked with Frank. Many dark secrets about Frank were revealed and in one case, his presence in the kidnapping of one girl was also witnessed. The secrets and many new stories about drug dealing, kidnapping, and mafia revolve in the entire series. At last, we see the culprit behind the murder of Kyle’s father, and before he shoots him Frank killed him, claiming he has done this in his self-defense. Kyle too said the same. From here on, a new, sorry secret team made, which will work against the criminals.

Training Day Season 2 Cast

Training Day Season 2 Release Date

Bill Paxton as Detective Frank Roarke and the maverick head of LAPD’s SIS whose penchant for operating in a gray area to fight the war on crime is called into question. Justin Cornwell seen as Officer Kyle Craig is a rookie cop posing as Frank’s new partner in order to keep an eye on him. Julie Benz in the character of Holly Butler is a Hollywood madam who is in a romantic relationship with Frank. Christina Vidal as Detective III Valeria Chavez is an investigator in Robbery-Homicide Division.

Katrina Law as Detective Rebecca Lee is an officer with the SIS, a unit that goes after the worst of the worst. She was rescued from human traffickers by Frank when she was just four years old and looks up to him as the father she never had. Drew Van Acker in the character of Detective Tommy Campbell is another SIS officer and a former pro surfer. Lex Scott Davis seen as Alyse Arrendondo is a history teacher who is also the smart and cynical wife of Kyle. Marianne Jean – Baptiste saw in the character of Deputy Chief Joy Lockhart as Frank’s former supervisor and Kyle’s current supervisor who sent him undercover to investigate Frank.

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