I-Land Season 2: Release Date Announced?

An American science fiction thriller I- land is a tv series. The director of i- land season 1 is Anthony Salter. The executive producers of this series are Mike Frislev, Neil LaBute, and Chad Oakes. But does i-land season 2 probable? Do we know i-land season 2 release date? This question arises in every mind. Talking about the first season again it had actors like Kate Bosworth, Natalie Martinez, Kyle Schmid, Ronald Peet, Alex Pettyfer, Michelle Veintimilla, and Gilles Geary. The first season of the series i-land had 7 episodes and each episode’s duration was about 45 minutes. Its premiere took place on 12 September 2019.

The series was so poorly received by the critics that even a statement was released regarding the series which was,” The series is so bad that the only mysterious thing about it is the existence of the i-land shown in the series. Other than that, there is nothing interesting at all. The producers of this series are Kate Bosworth, Morris Chapdelaine, Natalie Martinez, and Petros Danabassis. Today we are going to update you about i-land season 2 release date along with its tentative cast, expected story, and a quick recap of season 1. So let’s get started!!

I-land Season 2 Release Date

i-Land Season 2 Release Date

The first season that stopped the thought of making of i-land season 2 is its kind which is a minisery. These miniseries are usually short and don’t last longer than a season. Along with it, the failure of the first season of i-land was also a big reason that cuffed the hands of the makers to invest in the second season of the series. Not only the audience but the critics also treated the series much poorly. The producers of this series lost much money in this series as they was no marketing of the series due to its poor performance and the bad response.

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I- land Season 1 Recap

The story of this series is about the crime committers who are put in an i-land simulation and their memories are completely erased. As the events proceed one of them gets killed by another in the attempt at rape. The other one named Chase finds herself in prison when she wakes up. Ske comes to know that all of that was a simulation to make them return to their normal behaviors. Anyone who gets killed in the simulation is dead in the real life also. She is again sent into the simulation program but this time officials start returning the memory of the prisoners. This results in much more clashes and conflicts among the prisoners. The question here is whether they would be able to return to their normal behaviors?

I-land Season 2 Potential Story

There is no potential story for the second season of the I-land because it was a minisery and miniseries don’t renew usually. The second reason the makers didn’t try to create a story for the second one was the poor response and very bad critical reviews. These points demotivated the urge of the makers to make the second part of the series. All we can expect at this point are just guesses. The most probable story for the second season if it will be made in the future is that this time, the I-land will be the same but the people will be different. Their pasts and their mental conditions will be different.

I-land Season 2 Cast

i-Land Season 2 Release Date

Because the second season of the I-land is not probable soon. Along with that, we have no knowledge about the renewal of the second season as well, we can’t predict the cast of the second season of the I-land. But we do have the info about the cast of the first season. The actors that appeared in the first season of the series are Natalie Martinez as Gabriela Chase, Ronald Peet as Cooper, Kate Bosworth as KC, Kyle Schmid as Moses, Sibylla Deen as Blairz, Gilles Geary as Mason, Anthony, Lee Medina as Donovan, Kota Eberhardt as Taylor, Michelle Veintimilla as Hayden, and Alex Pettyfer as Brody.
That’s it!! If you want to enjoy the first season of the I-land then you can watch it smoothly on Netflix. Since I-land season 2 is not going to be released soon, you can enjoy the trailer for the first season of the I-land.

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