Summer Heat Season 2 Release Date And Updates!

The ever-growing platform, Netflix, is once again ready and set for another drama series. Directed By Isabel Valiante and Caroline Fioratti, this comedy but romantic drama series will eventually land into the hearts of the audience, and it will go to the rock, like any other romantic one. Oh, sorry, I have not mentioned its name. Summer heat is its name is all the romance, love affairs, and drama.

Summer Heat Season 2 Release Date

Till now, season 1 of the series is not released yet. So, when is it coming? Well, don’t lose hopes as the release date of the season 1 is already announced. Season 1 is going to hit the screen on January 21, 2022. Not so much time left in the season 1, fans are ready to give it a watch. The episodes of season 1 is not announced yet, but we can expect the same to come out in sometime or after the release of season 1.

If we, from now, start assuming that ‘ When will the season 2 release ‘, so it will not be quite surprising though. As fans must have known the plot of the series, they will going to like it, I am sure. And, on the other hand, if we talk about the season 2, then it may or may not come, depending upon the critics and response and also, if the story completes in just a single episode. But, let’s hope for the goodness of the series.

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Summer Heat Season 1 Story

Summer Heat Season 2 Release Date

Now, let’s come to know the plot and what exactly the series is about. The series centres around a group of young people including boys and girls, who work at the beach side resort. The audience will see the tempting romance with the craziness among the young ones. But, the time is not the same always. Rainbows and butterflies change and jealousy, anger and patience take over their place. Just like any other relationship or love affair, there are also many difficulties and twist. Well, the audience will be going to love the genre and the cute love stories which the series will be going to show you.

As the people of the group start getting to know each other, love, drama, friendship and passion develops, which eventually ends up in different stories of every one. They are making balance between their hectic and complicated lives and relationships. In one of the episodes, the audience will see one of the group members mom is getting arrested in the money laundering and bribery case. Well, you are going to see many more such twists and turns, so don’t miss it out and watch the series.

Summer Heat Season 2 Cast

Pretty well, the cast of the series is also released including Giovanna Lancellotti as Catarina, Gabz seen as Yasmin, Jorge López, André Luiz Frambach in the character of Miguel and Maicon Rodrigues. There will be Giovanna Rispoli in the character of Helena, Cynthia Senek as Marília, Leonardo Bittencourt in the character of Rodrigo, Mayana Neiva as Vilma, Felipe Rocha, among others. Well, the list can be too long, but not like the wait of the audience.

Summer Heat Season 2 Trailer

Summer Heat Season 2 Release Date

Watch the craziness and the love affair in the trailer, provided here. The soothing and relaxing environment of the beach side with the young romance will drive you crazy and tempt you to watch the whole season of the series.

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