Is Phantom Thread Based On A Real-Life Story?

Phantom Thread is a historical drama film that came out in 2017 and has the setting of the late 1950s in London with a fashion story slowly knitted into a beautiful creation. The artist’s mindset, his obsession, and his differences from the normal people of society are beautifully depicted in the movie. The movie also has a romance story between the protagonist, a fashion-obsessed artist, and his muse, a local waitress. The movie has an IMDB rating of 7.5 out of 10 which is remarkable as we may say and the response from the audience and the critics have been wonderful.

It’s a single movie and we don’t expect a sequel to the movie as the story completely came to a beautiful end. Now many of our readers have come up with the question about the story’s inspiration whether it is based on a true story? Although the story may seem very much true to most of the audience, the story isn’t based on a real-life character’s life or from history in any way. Though our makers have taken a renowned figure as their muse, the story is complete fiction.

Is Phantom Thread Based On A Real-Life Story?

Is Phantom Thread Based On A Real-Life Story

The maker of the movie is Paul Thomas Anderson, Anderson though didn’t take the story of the movie from a true-life story or history but the setting of the story came to his mind after he came to know about Cristobal Balenciaga. Some of us do know about the brand Balenciaga, the leading giant in the fashion world and there are pretty much many rumors about Balenciaga which are quite identical to the protagonist of the movie. Balenciaga too is very much obsessed with his work, which is completely based on the fashion industry, along with the fact that he is very picky too just like our protagonist.

We also have heard from Anderson that the idea of this movie never popped up in his head neither he was interested in the fashion world in any way until and unless he came to know about Balenciaga. We also hear that the makers of the story made the protagonist quite resembling the character of the fashion designer Charles Wilson Brega James in many ways too.

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Phantom Thread Story

The story is set in the late 1950s London and the protagonist of the story is named Reynold’s woodcock who is a fashion designer and an artist is a true sense, he is always picky and completely into his work, continuously designing clothes for his clients and being in his own world, we also see a great part of the story concentrating on his sister he takes care of woodcock and all his business needs. Woodcock mainly designs for the elite class of London has a very much dominating character, with the slow progress of the storyline we see how woodcock finds his inspiration in a waitress in a nearby restaurant, her name was alma.

Alma was very amazed and happy with woodcocks work and how he made her feel soon though there were sudden complications Alma moved in with woodcock. A good couple by all means and woodcock was surely able to work with alma as his inspiration but soon complications started arising and with woodcocks always dominating nature it was a growing problem for alma. Alma also twice ended up poising woodcock and still, they stuck to each other. Towards the ending of the movie, we see how woodcock slowly understands that the new fashion world is rising and his old sense of gracious fashion was dying and maybe it was time for him to take a break.

Phantom Thread Cast

Is Phantom Thread Based On A Real-Life Story

 The cast of the movie is also a great highlight. The movie stars Daniel day-lewis in the role of the protagonist and also marks his final film role to date, in the role of Cyril, woodcock sister we see Lesley Manvil and the critical role of alma the waitress and woodcock’s lover, the person who highlights the theme of love in the movie is beautifully played by Vicky Krieps. There were many more recurring characters but the main story rotates around these three.

Phantom Thread Trailer

We are sure that there will not be any sequel for the movie. the story has a beautiful ending and for all the viewers who are planning to watch it, the movie is available on the Netflix platform and for catching a few glimpses of the amazing movie, you can surely check out the trailer of the movie available on YouTube.

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