Is Friends Better Than How I Met Your Mother?

This question might get all the fans raged and ready to defend their favorite shows. Every individual has different tastes and preferences so their opinions might be completely opposite. We all know that both narratives have common features and a somewhat similar premise. Alas! The real question is Friends really better than How I Met Your mother?

Friends and How I Met Your Mother are frequently compared. Both comedies have a laugh track and are multi-camera sitcoms. They both take place in New York City. They’re both about two college roommates, a married couple, an on/off pair, and a misogynistic womanizer. Even though the characters might have similar traits they are actually quite different from each other. The popularity of the shows has been skyrocketing because not only does it romanticize New York City but it also highlights the importance of good friends. More or less Gen z would love to relate to these characters and feel like they are the ones living in it rather than just being a mere spectator!

Friends and How I Met Your Mother’s reputation has soared in the digital era. Fans of both series binge-watch all ten seasons of the former and all 9 seasons of the latter on a routine basis. The ensemble of Friends reunited for an uncensored event on HBO Max. We’ve added a handful more contenders to this list as the argument over whether a New York-based ensemble sitcom is genuinely better. In no aspect are we bringing down any show both the shows are beautifully directed and have unique narratives? It’s just a friendly comparison for the people who still haven’t watched these sitcoms?


Times Where Friends Proved To Be Superior Than The Latter!

Is Friends Better Than How I Met Your Mother?

Dialogue- Sitcoms work in the same way as joke machines do. With sitcom dialogue, the goal is to transition from joke to joke without losing highlighting the fact that you’re writing dialogue. The conversation in How I Met Your Mother was sometimes fragmented due to the series’s predilection for throwaway humor.

Friends’ authors, on the other hand, did an excellent job of moving from one rhythm to the next in their conversation. Each scene was full of jokes, yet the dialogue always felt like a more-or-less naturalistic chat amongst friends.

Womanizer- The “womanizer” characters of Joey Tribbiani and Barney Stinson’s respective shows are Joey Tribbiani and Barney Stinson, respectively. Joey wasn’t exactly a positive role model. He once shamelessly asked baby Emma, “How you doin’?” in a video that was supposed to be broadcast to her on her 18th birthday (when he’d be in his fifties) – but he wasn’t nearly as filthy and rude as Barney. Barney’s treatment of women was weird, to say the least.

On-screen Romance- Friends and How I Met Your Mother both have an on-again, off-again relationship between two of the main protagonists. Ross and Rachel star in Friends, while Ted and Robin star in How I Met Your Mother. The public, it may be argued, was far more invested in Ross and Rachel than in Ted and Robin. Every new thing in Ross and Rachel’s relationship was unexpected: the Xerox girl, “Take thee Rachel,” and the pregnancy.

Fans were enthralled by their romance until the very finale of the series. However, Ted and Robin were constantly splitting up, kissing, reconnecting, and then breaking up anew. It was getting to the point where fans were simply rolling their eyes.

Friends Or How I Met Your Mother: Which Is Better?

Narrative And Story

The death of the titular mother has swept aside in a single phrase of expositional dialogue after we’ve just spent the entire ninth season of the show getting to know her in the series finale of How I Met Your Mother. Despite spending the entire ninth season waiting for their marriage. Robin and Barney’s divorce is also tossed aside in a single scene.

The ending scene of Friends, on the other hand, is one of the best ever produced. For some, it may be a little schmaltzy, but we gain a conclusion on all of the characters’ stories and leave them in a nice position. That’s all fans want from a conclusion.

Technically, the entire plot of How I Met Your Mother is a lengthy plotline, commencing with older Ted informing his children that he’ll tell them the story of how he met their mother and ending with her death. Friends, on the other hand, succeeded in multi-episode plot storylines that stretched ten to twenty episodes. There was a handful of those in How I Met Your Mother that didn’t work out.

Rewatching the series causes viewers to groan at specific times in the timeline.  In Friends, there are really only a few of these, the Emily storyline being one of them. The majority of them — Phoebe’s pregnancy, Ross’s affair with one of his pupils, the excursion to Barbados, and so on are work-related.