El Marginal Come Season 5 Release Date Updates

Want to watch something criminal? Ha Ha Ha! Just joking, forget it. But, no, because I am going to talk about such a criminal series, or you can say something a genre of police procedural. Let’s not waste your time and I tell you about El Marginal. El Marginal, by its name, suggests is an Argentine procedural television series with the subtitles provided in Spanish. It is written by Adrián Caetano, Guillermo Salmerón, Silvina Olschansky, Sebastián Ortega along with Nicolás Marina in the direction of Luis Ortega, Mariano Ardanaz, Javier Pérez and Alejandro Ciancio. The series got released under Underground Producciones.

El Marginal Season 5 Release Date

El Marginal Season 5 Release Date

Season 1 of the series ran from June 2, 2016, to September 8, 2016, Season 2 from July 17, 2018, to September 4, 2018, along with season 3 which ran from July 9, 2019, to August 27, 2019, on Televisión Pública Argentina channel, but after the original run, it is acquired by the Netflix and released under the same. Season 4 is ongoing and has recently released on January 19, 2022. If we talk about the duration of season 4, then it will comprise a total of eight episodes of the runtime of around 40 to 45 minutes and according to the last two seasons, it might go for around two to three months.

If we talk about season 5, then here is what I can tell you about. Season 5 is in development since the summer of 2021 and although Netflix has not made any announcements, the cast has announced the news that the series will renew for season 5. However, it would take some time but the fans will definitely be going to see something new again after giving the series a huge response.

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El Marginal Season 4 Story

The plot of the series is all about prisoners, prison, gangs, their leader, criminals, and the crime world. The story focuses on Miguel Palacios, a former cop, who is jailed at San Onofre with a fake identity and the fake name of Pastor Peña. He is on a mission to uncover the truth and the mystery of the gang, guards, and the prisoners, who kidnapped the daughter of the judge. Miguel soon found the secrets and the game which is going inside the prison, along with the prisoners and Borges. I recommend you should certainly give this series a Hi, as it received such a huge response.

El Marginal Season 5 Cast

All three seasons have almost the same cast and character but a few of them are different. Let’s discuss each one of them in short. Juan Minujín in the character of Miguel Palacios / ‘ Pastor ‘ Peña, Gerardo Romano seen as Director Sergio Antín, Martina Gusmán in the character of Lic. Emma Molinari, Claudio Rissi as Mario Borges, Carlos Portaluppi in the character of El Morcilla, Abel Ayala seen as César along with Maite Lanata as Luna Lunati, with many others seen in the season 1.

Season 2 have Verónica Llinás as Rita, Rodrigo Noya in the character of Nicolas ” Oaki ” Olmos, Roly Serrano as Sapo Quiroga, Esteban Lamothe seen as Patricio “Doc” Salgado, Joaquinha Lerena in the character of Mecha, Monica Raiola as Chiqui along with Javier Pedersoli seen as Kalina. Season 3 casts include the same with some new ones like Ana María Picchio as Estela Morales, Denis Corat in the character of ” Marquitos “, Aylin Prandi as Sofia and Osqui Guzman in the character of Ramos.

El Marginal Awards and Nominations

El Marginal Season 5 Release Date

The series was nominated for eight awards and won all of these, including the Golden Martín Fierro award, a Tato award, a Festival Séries Mania award, and a Platino Award for Best Miniseries or TV series. In the future, we can expect more awards and nominations for the series.

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