Will There Be Slasher Season 5 Release Date? Here Are The Details!

If you love watching jittery horror shows that revolve around horrific serial killers, then Slasher is one of the shows that you must watch! Created by Aaron Martin, Slasher is an American horror TV series containing 4 seasons with eight episodes in each season. The episodes are directed by Adam MacDonald and produced by Jay Bennett, Erin Berry, and Paige Haight.

Slasher Season 5 Release Date

As much as fans are waiting for another season to be released, there is still no such announcement for Slasher Season 5 release date. Whether or not there will be the fifth season of Slasher is yet to be decided. The creators of the show have still not spoken about the renewal of the show. Predictions have it that if there is a fifth season, it will probably be announced by the end of 2022 and will be released next year, that is 2023. 

The story for this Slasher Season 5 might as well again deal with yet another masked serial killer on loose. However, nothing is confirmed about what the future of this show has in store. In April 2020, Netflix removed all the three seasons of Slasher but restored them back again in June that year. The fourth season was released on Shudder. Whether season 5 of Slasher will release on Netflix or not is also yet to be seen.


Slasher Season 4 Recap

Slasher Season 5 Release Date

Season 1: The first season was released on 4th March 2016 and was subtitled Slasher: The Executioner. The story is set in a fictional place called Waterbury, Canada. When Sarah Bennett moves back into her childhood home with her husband, she is haunted by her mysterious past. The killer who murdered her parents is back again with a series of similar killings as Sarah’s parents. This masked killer is known as the Executioner, on whom the name of the season is based. 

Season 2: The second season of Slasher came out on 17th October 2017 and was retroactively named Slasher: Guilty Party. This season is set in a time of peak winter season and follows a group of ex-summer camp counselors. In the past, they have murdered Talvinder Gill and hid his body in a resort. At the present day when they return to the place, they find that the body is gone and a masked murder is after their lives.

Season 3: On 23rd May 2019, the third season of Slasher named Slasher: Solstice was released. The story begins when Kit Jennings who is a drug and sex addict is killed in broad daylight in front of an apartment building. This event happens during the summer solstice and none of the neighbors come forward to help. After exactly a year later, a similar masked murderer starts killing everyone who is connected to Kit Jennings’ murder.

Season 4: The latest season of Slasher is named Slasher: Flesh and Blood and was released on 12th August 2021. This season’s story follows a rich but questionable Galloway family’s reunion on a secluded Island. Everything is fine until they come to know that there is a masked killer on loose on the island. They become scared when the killer comes into action and starts killing the family members one by one.

Slasher Season 5 Cast

Slasher Season 5 Release Date

In the first season, the main cast included Katie McGrath as Sarah Bennett, Brandon Jay McLaren as Dylan Bennett, Steve Byers as Cam Henry, and Patrick Garrow as Tom Winston, the original murderer of Sarah’s parents. The second season saw Christopher Jacot as Antoine, Leslie Hope as Judith Berry, Lovell Adams-Gray as Peter Broome, and Jim Watson as Noah Jenkins. 

The third season’s assembled cast had Lisa Berry as Detective Roberta Hanson, Salvatore Antonio as Angel H. Lopez, Paula Brancati as Violet Lickers, and Erin Karpluk as Kaili Greenberg. The latest season four cast members are David Cronenberg as Spencer Galloway, Corteon Moore as Jayden Galloway, Chris Jacot as Seamus Galloway, Rachael Crawford as Grace Galloway, and Paula Brancati as Christy Martin.


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