Terrorism Close Calls Season 2 Release Date, Story & Cast Updates!

Terrorism Close Calls is a 2018 American documentary series that aims to investigate terrorist attacks that almost occurred but were not carried out as scheduled. Each episode delves into a previously classified terror incident intended to provoke massive destruction. Terrorism Close Calls explores terror attacks that almost took place or were not undertaken as intended. Each episode follows law enforcement personnel and terrorist activity specialists as they analyze near-disasters. As well as expose the methodologies, proposals, and feints that officials use to anticipate those personally liable.

There is no official announcement regarding the release of season 2 of Terrorism Close Calls. Netflix or the producers are tight-lipped about the possible season 2.

Terrorism Close Calls Season 2 Release Date

Terrorism Close Calls Season 2 Release Date

The 10-episode documentary series “Terrorism Close Calls” has been procured by Netflix, the company announced (Tuesday). Big Media’s series aims to investigate foiled terrorist plots, with interview sessions with individuals who participate in foiling them. As well as foremost domestic and international security agencies on combating terrorism, intellectual ability, and police departments. It was released on Friday, October 26th.

Big Media chairman and executive producer Jon Loew said that everyone hears about successful terrorist attacks plots. But their security and law regulation agencies’ achievement is much more spectacular,”. With this sequence, they wanted to shed illumination on the horrific tragedies that might have transpired. As well as the fantastic guys who were successful in preventing those attacks

Mark Kelton, former CIA senior executive and deputy director of the National Clandestine Service for Counterintelligence. Remarked the Details of how they defeat those who would commit atrocities are largely hidden from the public for presumably national security or operational purposes.  The main cast included Pete King, David Bitkower, and Don Borelli.


Terrorism Close Call Season 1 Recap

THE NY CITY SUBWAY PLOT (2009)- Three domestic US intelligence officers join forces with Al Qaeda and devise a provocative terror plot to wreak havoc.  They aim to explode explosive devices concealed in rucksacks. On multiple railways in New York City’s metro system at the same time. It is up to the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force. In cooperation with the US Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency, to thwart the plan before it’s too late.

THE STUDENT BOMB MAKER (2010)- Khalid Aldwasari, a 20-year-old Saudi national studying in the United States. He purchases bomb-making chemical compounds and investigates benchmarks, which would include former President George W. Bush’s Dallas home and then several reservoirs in Colorado and California. He also aims to visit New York and plant explosives in car rentals prior to actually blowing them up during peak traffic. An FBI procedure aids in the investigative process and uncovers that the Saudi teenager possesses both technical expertise and political motives to undertake out his proposals.

CARGO BOMB PLOT  (2010)- The plot’s specifications were easily discovered once it had been stymied. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) stated about it in their own online news site. Listing the costs of the objects used – in total, they expended mildly more than US$5000 on a scene to shoot up UPS and FedEx transport planes with pretty advanced inkjet cartridges explosives. The equipment is programmed to explode mid-air well over the eastern United States. The explosives are unearthed by intelligence agencies from the United States, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates just three hours before they are set to detonate. It is one of the most shining models of cross-national security cooperation to date.

Terrorism Close Calls Season 2 Release Date

 MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY PLOT (2011) Kevin Harpham, a 37-year-old white supremacist. Intended to murder and injure as many individuals as he could during the Martin Luther King Day Parade in Spokane (Washington). Harpham placed an explosive device in some of the most heavily populated areas of the main street. Intending for it to blow up and start chucking poison-laced metal shards from fishing weights and poisonings into the throng of people.

He would come back two hours later with a wireless router detonator and a camcorder in the hopes of videoing the death and destruction. Instead discovered the rucksack being dismantled by the FBI bomb squad. A seven-week manhunt emerged, with the FBI locating every top spot and Harpham’s communication systems. In order to perform a complicated sting operation to acquire and apprehend him before he could strike once more.

To know more about the other episodes, make sure to go and check out the series. As mentioned above we have no official information about season 2. We can all wait and wish that the series will make a comeback soon!