Are We Going To Get The Neo Yokio Season 3 Release Date And When?

Neo Yokio is an American Japanese animated drama series, though it is not completely meant for children, containing a lot of humorous and dramatic content more suitable to the teenager minds. It has been a long time since the two seasons of the shows premiered and now the fans are all intrigued for the third season of the show. The series had a mixed reaction from the audience, some can’t wait for the third season’s renewal whereas there are also some who don’t want to see another episode from the series.

The completely fictionalized drama based on New York City with the addition of magicians called magistocrats and demon-slaying, the main protagonist of the show Kazz Kaan is played by Jayden Smith, who is a youngster from the elite class of New York but has much more complex matters to handle. The show’s renewal hasn’t been confirmed by the makers but we are still looking forward to a date which was provided to us by our sources that are in the middle of September of 2022. Any more news regarding the show’s renewal will be surely updated here for our readers.

Neo Yokio Season 3 Release Date

Neo Yokio Season 3 Release Date

With the first season that premiered in the year 2017 and had 6 episodes, we received a Christmas special nearly after a 1-year gap in the December of 2018. The Christmas special hour-long episode can be considered as the second season. Moving forward towards the 3rd season, we haven’t received many updates from the makers of the show but according to our sources, the show will get renewed for a third season.

The makers of the show also said in an interview in 2018 that the series is not dead which gives us hope for another season of Neo Yokio. According to our sources, the third season will also have a total of 6 episodes just like the 1st season and the estimated date for the release is the 16th of September, 2022. We can expect any other updates regarding the show to be given to us by July or august as Netflix releases the trailer of the show nearly 1 month before its renewal. The new episodes are also expected to have a runtime of approximately 22 minutes just like the previous seasons.

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Neo Yokio Season 2 Recap

For the previous seasons of the series, we see the main protagonist of the show Kazz who is one of the most eligible bachelors in the Neo Yokio elite society, just had a breakup with his girlfriend, Kazz belongs to the magistocrats society and along with his butler Charles, he is on duty to slay some demons. Though our upset protagonist is trying to move on in his life and has decided to spend some more time with two of his closest friends, Lexy and Gottlieb. We see our protagonist go on an unwanted date and the rise of his rival, Arcangelo, who is another rich brat from the magistocrats society who is continuously hatching evil plots and trying to compete with Kazz for the top spot on the bachelor’s list of the city. During the entire first season, Kazz has to even teach a mischievous trio of students from his old school, elegance. By the end of the series, we see a great deal of fight between our protagonist and Grand Prix and Kazz comes to know more about the character of Charles.

In the Christmas special one-hour episode of the second season, we again see our protagonist jazz while he has got to take part in a secret Santa competition, which he is not interested in much. He has also got to fight a giant Christmas tree and save the city while our evil antagonist Arcangelo goes on hatching his evil, schemes against Kazz.

Neo Yokio Season 3 Story

Neo Yokio Season 3 Release Date

If we have a chance for the renewal of the series, we can expect the season to be about our main protagonist Kazz fighting some new demons while Arcangelo goes on competing with him, Charles will also play a major role in the series. We can also expect Kazz to find a genuine love interest again.

New Yokio Season 3 Trailer

 As we haven’t received any update on the show’s renewal, we also haven’t received a trailer for the third season. If you still haven’t caught up on the semi anime series, you can surely enjoy the previous season which is available on Netflix.

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