Is Curon Season 2 Release Date Coming Or Not ?

Get yourself ready for another horror and thriller drama series on Netflix, which will just freeze you. Curon, is its name, is an Italian television series. The series is a total mixture of the thriller, horror, and supernatural genre. It is written and created by Ezio Abbate, Ivano Fachin, Giovanni Galassi and Tommaso Matano. The series is released under Indiana Production in the direction of Fabio Mollo and Lyda Patitucci. The horror series revolves around the struggling and mysterious mystery of Anna and her mother’s tragic death. Her kids, later on, solve the mystery but the ghostly appearances are a must in a horror series.

Curon Season 2 Release Date

A 40 to 50 minutes long series first got premiered on June 10, 2020. The series got mixed reviews and ratings, like 5.8 on IMDB, 71 % on Rotten Tomatoes, and 3.5 on Times Of India. It is liked by approximately 60 % of people. After gaining such a huge response from the audience, fans are looking if the series will renew for another season or not. Well, currently, no news has come for the release of another season, but we will get this in a short time. As most of the fans will definitely want season 2 of the series, with god’s luck, it will come true soon.

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Curon Season 1 Story

Curon Season 2 Release Date

Anna, with her twin kids, Mauro and Daria return to her hometown, Curon. Although receiving rejections and not staying at the place, she, however, decides to stay at the place. Thomas, her father, who owns a hotel is also not happy with her back. The kids got admission to a nearby local school. Mauro, an introvert, remains in himself, and Daria, on the other hand, a free spirit easily be friends with everyone, especially Micki. Once, Micki invites the twins to a party in which Micky and Daria kissed each other after being drunk. Micky told this to Lucas, who in jealousy with Daria spreads this to everyone. Giulio, Mickey’s brother, outbursts on her after knowing that she kissed and that she is a lesbian.

On the other hand, Mauro encountered a woman in the attic, who exactly looks like his mother. He confronted this to Thomas but got nothing. The following day, Anna got missing, and the twin started their journey to find her. After reaching a cabin in their path, they got her earrings and the photographs of Anna along with Albert. Albert reached there with his rifle, but the twins were saved up by Thomas.

Albert was then put behind the bars in the disappearance of Anna. It was also shown that real Lukas was killed by his doppelgänger. The mystery of the series was soon revealed before the audience. It is a game between the real one and the doppelgänger. Flashback shows that real Albert was killed by his doppelgänger. All the four kids soon discover that Anna’s doppelgänger is in the hotel, who sets fire to the hotel, and real Anna got stuck in it. Thomas, after being injured taken to the hospital and told the kids that their family is under a curse. In between, Pietro, the father of the twins came into the town and helped to reveal the truth.

Everyone’s doppelgänger emerges from the lake of the Curon, which was the curse over Thomas’ family. Although, some real ones are dead and some survived, the confusing horror drama series will definitely excite you. You all should watch the series if you love this genre.

Curon Season 2 Cast

Valeria Bilello as Anna Raina is a woman who returns to her hometown Curon after 17 years. Luca Lionello, seen in the character of Thomas Raina is the father of Anna, who owns an old hotel in Curon. Federico Russo in the character of Mauro Raina is the disabled son of the twin brother of David. He has a problem with hearing impairment. Margherita Morchio as Daria Raina is the daughter of Anna and Mauro’s twin sister. Anna Ferzetti seen as Klara Asper is a teacher. Alessandro Tedeschi in the character of Albert Asper is Klara’s husband and a forest ranger.

Juju Di Domenico as Micki Asper is a new love interest of Daria. Giulio Brizzi seen as Giulio Asper is Micki’s brother and Davide’s friend. Max Malatesta in the character of Michael Ober is a local who hates the Rainas. Luca Castellano seen in the character of Lukas is the best friend of Micki. Sebastiano Fumagalli as Davide is Giulio’s friend. Mihaela Dorlan was seen as young Anna Raina, who appears in flashbacks. Katja Lechthaler in the character of Lili Raina is the dead mother of Anna who also appears in a flashback.

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