Black School Rules Season 2 Release Date: What To Expect Next In The Show?

Black school rules is an Asian drama series that is adapted from the manga written by Yamato fujimine and shares the Japanese title of burakku kosoku. The series came out in 2019 and was quite a hit, as a Japanese drama series based on the life of school students and how they are going to revolt against the considerably strict school rules. The series was quite a hit among the younger generation. After airing the first season there has been quite a gap and the audience has been anticipating the second season because the story was left in the middle of many important events. The series is available on Netflix. For the second season, there are no updates from the makers of the season for a long time but with the starting of the new year, we see some hope from our sources. The series is supposed to be renewed this year and will probably continue from the point it left.

Black School Rules Season 2 Release Date

Black School Rules Season 2 Release Date

With the first season of the show having only 7 episodes and that too ending at a cliffhanger, the fans have gone wild over social media asking for the second season. The first season came out in the year 2019 and now after 2 years of waiting, there is a chance of this season to get renewed. Though we haven’t heard anything from the makers regarding the renewal of the series we can expect it to be renewed by the ending of 2022. The making of the second season hasn’t started yet, that for sure and thus if we are considering the making and production period, it will take about8-9 months, thus we are looking forward to November or December. One thing that is for sure, is that the show isn’t complete because the manga has a lot more to offer than, where the makers left us in season 1. Till then we shouldn’t lose much hope and wait for more news that will keep updating here.

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Black School Rules Season 1 Recap

In the first season of the show, we have known properly the main two protagonists of the show, Chuya, and Sora, they both study in the same class in the same school and have completely different characters. From the first few episodes we will know how they bond together at all but they both end up developing feelings for the same girl, Kio who is also a student in their high school. Now the school plays an important role in the drama, the school has got some strict rules against which the students of the club form a club and call it the Kotsu High School Resistance Club.

This all occurs due to the reason that Kio is asked to dye her naturally brown hair black because of the school regulations, which she doesn’t want to. Chuya also has to suffer as it is against the rules of the school for the student to have a part-time job but he has got one, and another student named Nanamura also joins their club because bicycles are banned in their school and thus, he has got to walk 40 minutes every day to school. With all this going on and Chuya and sora searching for the schools and principals’ weaknesses, the first meet for the club is organized where the series calls an end to the first season. We know right, we need more from Chuya and sora and what they plan to do against the school.

Black School Rules Season 2 Story

Black School Rules Season 2 Release Date

The second season of the series which is also predicted to have a total of 6-7 episodes, will start with the meeting of the Kotsu High School Resistance Club, we will see all the plans of action by the club, mainly Chuya and Sora, who will get their hands dirty and may call for a protest against the strict school rules, with all this going on, we may also expect to see a bond being formed between Kio and sora. The second season will either have the school taking back some of its strict rules or the resistance club being disbanded.

Black School Rules Season 2 Trailer

As there are no updates regarding the second season or renewal of the show, we haven’t received any teasers or trailers from the makers. Still, if you haven’t yet watched the series the episodes are available on Netflix, and to catch a few glimpses of the show, check out the trailer of the first season available on YouTube.

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