Is A Very Secret Service Season 3 Release Date Renewed Or Cancelled?

Get ready with a glass of red wine and white sauce pasta! Huh? Well, it would be needed for you when you watch the French spy dramatic series, A Very Secret Service. A Very Secret Service Or Au service de la France in French is a French comedy-drama series. It is written by Jean – François Halin, Claire Lemaréchal along with Jean – André Yerlès in the direction of Alexandre Courtès. The series is released under Mandarin TV with a total of two seasons, which comprises 24 episodes.

A Very Secret Service Season 3 Release Date

A Very Secret Service Season 3 Release Date

Season 1 of the series ran from October 28, 2015, to November 12, 2015, and Season 2 ran from June 28, 2018, to July 26, 2018. It got positive ratings of 7.8 on IMDb and 4 out of 5 on Common Sense Media. It is liked by approximately 81 % of people. The series got premiered on Arte. What about the next season now? As it has been three years since the release of the last season, and till now, there is no news about the next season. Well, after receiving huge and positive reviews and ratings for the last two seasons, there is a chance that the series can renew for the next season. But, let’s see the decision of the makers, so their announcement.

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A Very Secret Service Season 2 Story

The series revolves around André Merlaux, 23, who is hired as a trainee in the French Secret Service. He is being monitored under the watchful eye of Moïse, who is the director of operations and three agents senior who trains him to become a spy. Moulinier is in charge of African affairs, Jacquard deals with Algeria, and Calot, who deals in Eastern Europe trains and made him the smart, which is needed in the future. He, on the other hand, meets the beautiful Sophie. In the later part of the series, he is shown dealing with many cases and spying on things and people, which he thinks would feel interested.

Set in 1960, the series shows us that time rivalry and spying things. Merlaux soon discovers that being a spy and doing spy isn’t that much easy. There is espionage, double crossings, deceiving things and rivals, murders and you have to go from your highs and lows. All of this is set against a backdrop of the Cold War, challenges of France with increasingly independent African colonies, and the country’s fight over Algeria.

A Very Secret Service Season 3 Cast

A Very Secret Service Season 3 Release Date

Hugo Becker as André Merlaux, Wilfred Benaïche seen as Colonel Maurice Mercaillon, Christophe Kourotchkine in the character of Georges Préjean ” Moïse ” along with Mathilde Warnier as Sophie Mercaillon. Karim Barras as Jacky Jacquard, Bruno Paviot seen as Roger Moulinier, Jean – Édouard Bodziak as Jean – René Calot and Marie Julie Baup in the character of Marie – Jo Cotin.

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