Is Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2 Release Date Confirmed?

Tell me your Secrets is a tv series having American origin and belonging to the thriller-drama genre. The director of this speculating piece of art is John Polson. The show was supposed to be released on the TNT platform but due to some reasons, the show was released on Amazon Prime. The show is written and created by Harriet Warner. It was released on February 19, 2021. The stars that appeared in this show are Amy Brenneman, Lily Rabe, Enrique Murciano, and Hamish Linklater. The first season with 10 episodes was released on February 19, 2021. The executive producers of this show included Bruna Papandrea, John Polson, Casey Haver, and Harriet Warner.

The show title already conveys much of the concept of the show but on an elaborated note, we can say that it pursues the life of three persons each with a different background and a past full of horrible situations. The events that ensue due to the activities of the lead character Karen are really mysterious which leads to chaos all around. The involvement of the other two characters in this pandemonium is perfectly portrayed by the directors in this show. Well, we have talked about the first season of the show. Now let us talk about the second season of Tell Me Your Secret. When it’s going to release? What will be its story? and the actors that are gonna be the cast in the second season. All of these details are discussed below so stay tuned!

Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2 Release Date

Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2

There is no official announcement from the side of the makers that conveys the chances of release of second season of Tell Me Your Secrets not so soon. The reason behind the late release of the show are the covid restrictions that are becoming a big hurdle in the shoot of the series. The actors are getting quarantined before they are entering into different cities because one of the team members of the crew got infected covid-19 recently.

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Tell Me Your Secrets Season 1 Recap

The story of this show is an ideal story which can catch anyone’s attention with its never-ending thrill and mystery. It’s such an headache to move your head into this story because it’s quite full of panic. The first character that appears before the eyes of the audience is Mary Barlow who is adamant to find her missing daughter Theresa. Theresa was an accomplice in murders done by Kit Parker. Karen after releasing from the jail decided to changer her name from Karen to Emma.

On the other hand Mary is investigating the matter of missing of her daughter and she finds a lead about Emma by putting a rapist behind her named John. She soon succeeds in her task and finds out by putting Emma on gunpoint that Mary’s daughter was not what she was thought for a long time. But to satisfy her ego, Mary claims in front of the world that Emma is the killer of her daughter. With many questions to be left unanswered, there is inevitable probability of the release of the second season of the Tell Me Your Secrets.

Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2 Story

With many questions to be unwrapped by the upcoming season of Tell Me Your Secrets, it is certain that makers are not gonna leave the audience in the perjury. Mary’s press conference was already a great blunder that created such a situation that all of the police was now after Emma as she was the murderer in their eyes. The second thing that is gonna disclose is whether John will conquer his sexual urge and vengeance or he will again sink in this darkness?? The third and the last aspect that is gonna get covered in this upcoming season will be the arrest of Mary because after all, she told everyone a lie, a lie that could make her to go behind the bars. Did she know that her daughter was a criminal? This question will only be solved after the release of the second season of Tell Me Your Secrets.

Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2 Cast

Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2 release date

Since there is no announcement being made by the makers regarding the release of the second season of the Tell Me Your Secrets, there is no update of the actors who are gonna appear in the upcoming season. Here is the list of actors of season 1 of the series that you must know-

  • Amy Brenneman as Mary Barlow
  • Lily Rabe as Emma Hall
  • Enrique Murciano as Peter Guillory
  • Hamish Linklater as John Tyler
  • Ashley Madekwe as Lisa Guillory
  • Chiara Aurelia as Rose Lord
  • Elliot Fletcher as Jake Barlow
  • Bryant Tardy as Jay Abellard
  • Stella Baker as Theresa Barlow
  • Xavier Samuel as Kit Parker
  • Katherine Willis as Diana Lord
  • Marque Richardson as Tom Johnston
  • Emyri Crutchfield as Jess Cairns
  • Richard Thomas as Bodie Lord
  • Chase Stokes as Adam
  • Charles Esten as Saul Barlow

That’s all for today. If you loved it, do subscribe to our page. Until the second season of the Tell Me Your Secrets is not announced, you can enjoy the first season on Amazon Prime. Have you watched the trailer of season 1 of Tell Me Your Secrets?? If you haven’t, watch it here!!

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