What Are The Expectations For Archive 81 Season 2 Release Date?

Horror films have always been a fan favorite. The love that they receive when done right is incomparable. Has Archive 81 managed to make a place? Keep following us at Live Akhbar to know!

Archive 81 Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of Archive 81 will release on Friday, 14th January 2022. The enthusiasm around the film is already reaching the sky. Fans already want to know if there will be a season 2 in the pipeline. The series will stream exclusively on Netflix.

The series is in the horror genre. Sources tell us that the film could be inspired by a podcast. Archive 81 is a horror podcast and similar names are giving away a lot.

Season 2 of the series may not release anytime soon. As the makers have not even confirmed it yet. Perhaps they will go for a season 2 if the unanimous love for Archive 81 Season 1 continues. The horror film has managed to grab the audiences’ attention and is being showered with a lot of love. The show will comprise 8 episodes. Each episode will be 8 hours long. Fans can expect a season 2 because the podcast which inspired the film had 3 seasons.

Archive 81 Season 1 Story

Archive 81 Season 2 Release Date

The episodic series has been co-written by many writers including Paul Harris Boardman who wrote one episode. Evan Bleiweiss wrote two episodes. Bobak Esfarjani and Helen Leigh wrote one episode each, Michael Narducci wrote two episodes and the multi-talented Rebecca Sonnenshine wrote three episodes of the series.

Rebecca Thomas who directed Stranger Things for Netflix will step in as the director for Archive 81, as well. Thomas will direct four episodes of the series including the pilot episode. Rebecca will also be donning the cap of executive producer on the series. Rebecca is on a professional high these days as she has also been signed up for Disney’s adaptation of The Little Mermaid.

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The Boys and The Vampire Diaries fame Rebecca Sonnenshine will be the showrunner of the series. Aquaman and The Conjuring fame James Wan will serve as another executive producer on the series with his company named Atomic Monster Productions.

The makers have said in interviews how they hope to set a precedent for horror films. Archive 81 will add a supernatural twist to the traditional horror genre. The core of the film will be a dark and emotional romance. Viewers can gear up for a thrilling watch.

The story of Archive 81 will revolve around Dan Turner who is an archivist. Turner takes up a job restoring damaged videotapes dated 1994. This leads him to the documentary remains of Melody Pendras works. Melody was making a documentary on a cult.

The story progresses as Turner finds himself deeply affected by what happened to Pendras. We follow him as he becomes convinced that he could turn Melody’s tragic end. Turner’s overindulgence into an event of the past and the subject of his interest make the events obscure. The inclusion of elements like these adds to the horror quotient of the film.

Archive 81 Season 2 Cast

Archive 81 Season 2 Release Date

The ensemble cast of Archive 81 includes The Get Down and Uncorked star, Mamadou Athie playing the role of Dan Turner. Altered Carbon star, Dina Shibabi playing the role of Melody Pendras. The actors play the main characters in the film.

The actors in supporting roles include Big Little Lies fame, Martin Donovan, playing the role of Virgil, How To Get Away With Murder fame Matt McGorry playing the role of Mark, Katy Keene fame, Julia Chan playing the role of Anabella, X Men: Days of Future Past fame, Evan Jonigkeit playing the role of Samuel and Hidden Figures fame, Ariana Neal playing the role of Jess.
The film has been edited by a team of talented artists including Amelia Allwarden, Joel T. Pashby, Patrick J. Smith, Tyler L. Cook, and Michael Scotti Jr.

The Netflix Original is described using adjectives such as mind-bending, ominous, and cerebral on the official website of the OTT platform. The film has made some outstanding use of special effects. The team behind special effects includes John Dandrea, Jason Trosky, and Shawn Shelpman.

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