Is See For Me Based On A True Story?

‘See for Me,’ directed by Japanese Canadian filmmaker Randall Okita, is a riveting burglary crime drama with cliffhangers at each and every turn. Sophie, an obstinate and visually impaired sportsman transformed into a house-sitter. She is the protagonist of the story, and her forthcoming task is going to be extremely difficult. 3 burglars break into Sophie’s employer’s debauched cottage late in the night. When they detect Sophie’s existence in the residence, they engage in a strained cat-and-mouse quest.

Sophie must find other ways to encompass the circumstance with only the speech of a platform as her guidance. The conversation is reduced to a minimum, the guidance score sends chills up our spines. The atmosphere of winter weather mountain ranges extends the story to a morose atmosphere. Nevertheless, you have to question if the story was snatched from the sections of a journal, as some burglary case, or is it based on true occurrences?

Is The Story Based On True Occurrences?

Is See For Me Based On A True Story

‘See for Me,’ on the other hand, is not based on true events. Even so, beneath the story’s tactile beat is a novel take on a vision-challenged protagonist. Sophie, despite being blind ever since the onset of retinitis pigmentosa it is a rare genetic disorder that causes cell loss in the retina. She is not your pretty standard helpless victim. Her mental involvement, combined with the concepts of friendship and team cohesion, gives the story a ruthless vitality.

Randall Okita directed the movie, which was based on an existing screenplay written by Tommy Gushue and Adam Yorke. The scriptwriters were effective in keeping the burglary thriller clever, sinewy, and riveting. Burglary movies, on the other hand, are a fairly old sub-genre. The genre’s origins can be traced to D. W. Griffith’s 1909 silent movie ‘The Lonely Villa,’ where a rich family falls victim to thieves.


See For Me Story

Sophie’s vision loss provides another level of suspense to the film. Tiny noises magnify – footsteps, discussions, running water out of the tap. While the camera remained true to Sophie’s first-person storytelling by inching closer to the sound source. Sophie uses it to her benefit instead of as a significant barrier. Following the arrival of the robbers, Kelly, a former soldier, and expert video gamer. She acts as Sophie’s eyes through a phone camera. When Sophie acquires a weapon, the pair’s attempt to dodge and encompass the intruders mimics a true picture of first-person gameplay.

Is See For Me Based On A True Story

While she is unable to see, her other sensations become much more intense. She is not the helpless differently-abled individual often illustrated in movies. In the final moment, she clued up knowledge and understanding of her environment ends up saving her. As a consequence, while the movie does not have an actual justification, Skyler Davenport’s fantastic performance kept the plotline believable.

Quite apart from the whimsical and thrilling gaming perspective. “See for Me” is a relatively simple dramatic tension film but one that is well-crafted. Okita and the organization seem to be doing a great job of putting out the variables of Sophie’s circumstances close to the start. The size of the house, the place of the safety system, and how long it’ll take for the police to arrive at a telephone call. They even cheekily work in pieces of background story for the con artists to contextualize the violent act.

See For Me Cast

The main cast includes Matthew Gouveia, Laura Vandervoort, Emily Piggford, Kim Coates, and Joe Pingue. The movie was filmed in 2020, but manufacturing was briefly halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada. It has been shown to distribution companies at the 2020 American Film Market prior to actually making its debut appearance at the Tribeca Film Festival (2021).

L. Skyler Davenport played the role of Sophie, a visually impaired teenage girl who is housesitting for a rich and powerful client when 3 criminals interrupt into the house to burgle it. Sophie’s only protection is a mobile phone application called See for Me. That connects her to Kelly portrayed by Jessica Parker Kennedy), a game player who would have to use the app to just see Sophie’s environment and advise her course of action.