Where Was I Love You Man Filmed? Know Here!

The implicit bromance that serves as the undertone for several blokey comedies is brought to the forefront for the first time as gladly metrosexual Peter Klaven. Portrayed by Paul Rudd he realizes, after proposing to his companion Zooey portrayed by Rashida Jones, that he has no guy friends.

Klaven’s neighborhood is the pleasurably villagey and diversified Los Feliz township, northeast of Hollywood, in the movie’s tirelessly sunny Los Angeles. 3959 Franklin Avenue at George Street, at the eastern end of the remarkable Shakespeare Bridge. That can be seen in all its greatness in Kenneth Branagh’s Dead Again), is his awesome modern home.

‘Davis Dunn Realty,’ in which Peter’s large task is to sell the property of TV Hulk actor Lou Ferrigno, is a branch of the genuine Exit Real Estate Group, located at 6565 West Sunset Boulevard at Seward Street in Hollywood.

Zooey, his fiancée, appears to work slightly closer to home at ‘ZHD,’ which was architecture and gift outlet Yolk, which remained at 1626 Silver Lake Boulevard, Silver Lake. That really is, till 2019, when the whimsical 1930s construction was annihilated without informed permission. Another portion of Silverlake’s uniqueness was forever lost.

Where Was I Love You Man Filmed?

Where Was I Love You Man Filmed

The list price was $22 million when this was put up for sale in 2012. From the western end of Hollywood Boulevard, users can evidently see the residence on the horizon. By the way, it isn’t now, nor will it ever be, home to Lou Ferrigno. Pete confronts the lackluster but direct and convenient Sydney Fife played by Jason Segel here, and an unlikely friendship starts.

A mile north, at 26 Rose Avenue, just north of Speedway, seems to be Sydney’s man cave.  Since the filming, the location appears to have undergone a case of awkwardness and has vanished behind an unbreachable display of shrubbery. It’s also just around the from On The Waterfront Café, that you might recognize from Clint Eastwood’s- Million Dollar Baby.

Sydney strolls his puggle, Anwar Sadat, all along Venice Boardwalk just next to Muscle Beach. Then tends to take the still-buttoned-up Peter to let out a man-scream underneath the Santa Monica Pier.

When the hot-headed Sydney passes a rooftop cafe in Venice Beach and recognizes Lou Ferrigno hobnobbing with Pete’s bossy colleague. Also known as urinal face man Tevin, he picks a fight with the Monster. The outcome is, unfortunately, straightforward. Where you can receive great, natural foods and a variety of beers.

A metropolitan area billboard initiative arranged by Sydney to assist Pete’s professional life appears to mess things up. Resulting in the couple splitting up. Of course, disagreements are resolved just in time for the nuptials. Pete and Zooey finally tie the knot In ‘Montecito,’ the fictionalized ‘El Acantilado Spa and Resort,’


I Love You Man Story

Where Was I Love You Man Filmed

Pete is described as a “girlfriend guy” throughout supper with his mom and dad JK Simmons and Jane Curtin. Along with his passionately gay sibling Robbie portrayed by Andy Samberg. The Klaven old home is located in the San Fernando Valley’s Toluca Woods community. At 4727 Arcola Avenue, around Camarillo and Kling Streets that is north of Toluca Lake.

Pete sought help from Robbie there at Equinox Fitness & Spa, 10220 Constellation Boulevard, at which he works as an instructor. On a quest to expand his circle of man-friends. As a consequence, there has been a string of not-so-successful man-dates.

Exuberantly shrieky Lonnie played by Joe Lo Truglio is an absolute disgrace at a LA Galaxy football game at the StubHub Center, 18400 Avalon Boulevard, Carson. That was David Beckham’s group from the United Kingdom. A date with Doug played by Thomas Lennon appears to be going well. Until it is disclosed that Doug has great aspirations for the night than Peter. The modern chophouse Jar, 8225 Beverly Boulevard at North Harper Avenue in midtown, has timber walls.

Fate meddles during Pete’s opening party in the Hollywood Hills at the Lou Ferrigno residence. 1 Electra Court, viewing Hollywood, is the magnificent white estate. The residence was built in the 1990s. It has its own personal road on a 3-acre promontory in Mt. Olympus. the mansion truly has 360-degree views of Los Angeles as well as the Pacific Ocean.