Is Vice Season 8 Episode 16 Release Date Facing A Cancellation?

Vice is a documentary TV series on Showtime created and hosted by Shane Smith from Vice Magazine. It first premiered on HBO on April 5th, 2013. The First 6 seasons premiered on HBO and then later this show moves its production to Showtime. This show was produced by Bill Maher for the first six seasons than by Shane Smith, Suroosh Alvi, Fareed Zakaria, Eddy Moretti, BJ Levin, Tim Clancy. They use CNN journalist Fareed Zakaria as a consultant.

There are in total 8 seasons of this show with 126 episodes in total with 25-40 minutes of runtime on each episode.

This show was produced under production companies like Bill Maher Productions, Vice Original Series, HBO Entertainment, and Showtime Networks.

HBO renewed Vice for two more seasons on May 7, 2014. Vice’s third season of 14 episodes began on March 6, 2015. One week after an episode named “Killing Cancer” aired on February 27. Vice’s sixth season aired on April 6, 2018. Vice’s renewal was announced for the seventh season on March 25, 2015.

In February 2019, HBO announced that the show would be canceled at the end of its sixth season. However, on September 24, Showtime picked up the series and it resumed on March 29, 2020. An eighth season has premiered on Showtime Network on March 7, 2021, following the series’ renewal on July 30, 2020.

Vice Season 8 Episode 16 Release Date

Vice Season 8 Episode 16 Release Date

As all of you may know that Showtime releases all release dates of each episode that’s going to release in season 8. From March 2021 to January 2022, they provided all release dates with timing for all 15 episodes. But they never release episode 16th release date or 17th release date. The real reason behind that is they ended the show’s 8th Season on Episode 15. This means that Vice Season 8 Episode 16 is not going to happen.

But this doesn’t mean the show is canceled, but the show is not canceled even renewed for its 9th season. Yes! Vice is renewed for its 9th season by the creators and they may release the 9th season between March 2023 and April 2023.

Vice Season 8 Story

Journalists Ryan Duffy and Thomas Morton accompanied Journalists and Fonder of TV show Vice, Shane Smith, and Suroosh Alvi as they interviewed people from different parts of the world about politics and cultural issues. Subjects like young weapons manufacture, political assassinations, child suicide bombers, Indian and Pakistani border political dispute, climate change, bonded laborers in Pakistan’s brick Klins, and the Chinese one-child policy are discussed as well as featuring work of human and labor rights activists Syeda Ghulam Fatima.

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VICE Season 8 Episode 15 Recap

Episode 15 of Vice Season 8 begins with Alzo Slade sharing stories about people who prefer listening to government guidelines versus those who prefer to research and follow their own ways. He also covered the history of Ivermectin. It’s a medication mainly for deworming horses. Humans are now looking at alternative ways to treat COVID-19. He told us how it became one of the most popular medications but was also referred to as dangerous misinformation.

Vice Season 8 Episode 16 Release Date

Imran Ahmed, CEO of Center For Countering Digital Hate, sat down with Azo Slade and explained the group responsible for weaponizing the pandemic, then spreading misinformation and attracting people to their content eco-systems. Later Slade sat with Peggy Peuster an alternative health advocate at The Truth of Cancer.

Peggy Peuster, who told Alzo Slade that she has chosen to take her health into her own hands, is one of those who do not take vaccinations. Peuster has always taken care of her health and has never been sick. Later at the Biomedical informatics center at the Medical University of South Carolina, Alzo met Dr. Leslie Lenert who was the director of that university, He is one of the chief investigators for Ivermectin which uses as medicine for COVID-19.

Vice Season 8 Crew

  • Shane Smith, Co-founder, and CEO
  • Suroosh Alvi, Co-founder, executive producer
  • Thomas Morton, Correspondent
  • Ben Anderson, Senior Producer
  • Vikram Gandhi, Producer
  • Ahmed Shihab Eldin, Correspondent
  • Fareed Zakaria, Consulting Producer
  • BJ Elvin, Co-Executive producer

Awards And Reception of VICE

This show’s second season which was aired in 2014 on HBO won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Information Series. IMDb Rated this show 8.8 out of 10 makes this show really awesome. Rotten Tomatoes rated this show 88% fresh, hence we can say that this is a good source to get information about world politics and news.

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