Nailed It Season 7 Release Date Can Take Time To Reveal Itself!

A Netflix original having American aboriginality whose first season’s premiere took place on March 9, 2018. With an abundance of baking reality shows moving all around, Nailed it has survived for 6 seasons among all of them. This conveys that there would be something different about this show which didn’t get served by the other baking reality shows. The star chefs that appear as judges in this show are Jacques Torres, Nicole Byer, and Weston Bahr. With about 65 episodes each with a duration of 40 minutes, the show got aired for 6 seasons. The sixth and the last season of this reality show was released on 15 September 2021. Due to reality and the interest of the audience drawn by this show was much applauded as well as received critical acclaim.

The show entered the nomination list for three prestigious awards Outstanding Competition program, Primetime Emmy Awards, and Outstanding Host for a reality or competition program. Nicole Byer got nominated for Outstanding Host for a reality or competition program Award and she was the first-ever Black woman to get this honor. This blog will further endue you with information related to season 7 of the Nailed it. Who is gonna appear as a judge in the upcoming season of this show? The new format of the show and the performances of previous seasons. All of this info will be shared in this blog so read the complete blog to leave yourself with updates related to the upcoming season.

Nailed It Season 7 Release Date

Nailed It Season 7 Release Date

Even after the success of six seasons of Nailed it, the renewal of the show for the seventh season seems quite certain but it’s not that clear. There is still a cloud of mystery around its release. Makers haven’t spilled a single word regarding the release of the seventh season of Nailed it. Though everyone is hoping the show to be the same, it would be much interesting if the makers introduce the show this time with new energy and new outlay. That’s gonna really nail the enjoyment level of the show!!

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Nailed It Season 6 Story

The source of the idea behind previous seasons of Nailed it was amateur bakers who were attempting to make legit bakery items on the internet.
Each time a trio of three contestants with amateur baking skills try to outdo themselves to win the huge amount of 10,000 dollars and a Nailed it Trophy as the prize for their efforts to copy a perfect edible cuisine. The performances of these competitors are judged by judges Nicole and Jacques joined by a guest appearance at the judging panel for each episode. The contestants are given two rounds of only 40 minutes in which they prepare an edible cuisine chosen by them kept in closed boxes. They have to taste them and make them just similar to the original ones or you can say it must be a copy of the original one.

Nailed It Season 7 Story

Though the previous six seasons kept the audience in their hangover for many years it’s time for the makers to introduce something in the layout of the show or they should add some more rounds with different stages. They can also assign taste tests to judge the grab of the contestants on the food testing. Makers have already tried the concept of calling the celebrities on the shoe to attract the attention of the audience to the show and keep it that way. But the time has changed and the show needs a change as well so it will be better for the makers to adapt according to the time.

Nailed It Season 7 Cast

Nailed It Season 7 Release Date

There was no specific cast for the show Nailed it. The show’s X factor was its host Nicole Byer who did her job fantastically well. She received a lot of applauds and acclaim for her efforts on her way to becoming the best host. Hope that makers would bet on the same trio that brought them over to this stage. They are as follows-

  • Nicole Byer
  • Weston Bahr
  • Jacques Torres

So here was some regular stuff related to the release date and other assumptive updates about the seventh season of Nailed it. Hope you all enjoyed it thoroughly and will subscribe to our page to keep our morale up!!

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