DanMachi Season 4 Release Date Is Confirmed!

Based on a Japanese light novel series of the same name, DanMachi is an animation TV adaption by J. C. Staff. DanMachi is a Japanese short form for “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?” The anime series is directed by Yoshiki Yamakawa and Hideki Tachibana. Yamakawa directed the first season whereas Tachibana directed the later ones. The first three seasons are written by Hideki Shirane. The original author, Fujino Omori wrote the script for season 4. All the seasons are produced by Nobuhiro Nakayama, Seiji Miyazaki, and Ryūtarō Kawakami.

Illustrated by Suzuhito Yasuda, the novel series has seventeen volumes and was published in 2013 by SB Creative. Soon after, these volumes were adapted into two mangas and the DanMachi anime season 1 aired in 2015 from 4th April to 27th June. In February 2018, the second season of DanMachi was announced and premiered on 13th July 2019. DanMachi was renewed for a third season on 27th September 2019. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the release was delayed until 3rd October 2020.

DanMachi Season 4 Release Date

DanMachi Season 4 Release Date

In January 2021, DanMachi anime was renewed for a fourth season. This season is set to release on 22 June 2022, as confirmed by Warner Bros. Japan. The teaser was also released at the same time during the announcement of the season 4 renewal. 

It is said that the renewed season will revolve around “The Labyrinth Arc.” Fans can see Hestia and Bell in the promo trailer cut. The full series can be streamed on Hulu and Crunchyroll. It is also anticipated that the plot for the fourth season will be a lot similar to the third, which may be a little disappointing.


DanMachi Story Background

Set in the fictional city of Orario, the story starts when the Gods descend on earth to find spark and excitement among humans. Their divine powers, however, are somewhat limited while they are on Earth. Even then, they are ready to experience the hardships of the lower realm. These Gods offer humans, also called mortals, some of their abilities to fight monsters and evil beings in the Dungeon. It is an underground labyrinth where these adventurers go to collect their crystal shards by defeating monsters.

The crystals collected from the Dungeon can be used to make special magical artifacts or objects. Moreover, adventurers can also exchange them for Orario’s currency. Each adventurer receives their powers and abilities upon joining groups called Familia. Each Familia has a resident deity to serve and the groups or Familia are named after those resident deities as well. Another feature of each Familia member is that they are internally grouped into levels based on their abilities and achievements.

DanMachi Season 3 Recap

DanMachi Season 4 Release Date

The anime revolves around a 14-year-old boy named Bell Cranel. He is an adventurer and is a part of the Hestia Familia. However, he is the only member of the Hestia Familia and finds it difficult to make his ends meet. Once in the past, a very powerful and famous swordswoman named Ais Wallenstein saved his life. Since then, he looks up to her, not to mention, falls in love with her. 

There are several other girls, mortals, and deities alike who also develop feelings and affection for Bell. However, he remains unaware of all of it. Hestia herself develops a liking towards him when he gains new abilities bypassing each challenge that he faces. Further in the series, he also gains allies and friends. The seasons show how each character faces these challenges and fights their way out of them.

DanMachi Season 4 Crew

As mentioned by the production, Tachibana will return to direct the fourth season of DanMachi. Shirane and Omori will compose the season with Shigeki Kimoto as character designer. J. C Staff will also return to produce the anime.